Treeline Tips & Tricks: Getting Affiliated on Edelweiss+

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By Joe Foster, Edelweiss/Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator

Edelweiss is a unique environment in that most review and reading activity occurs for upcoming titles, and so the reviews and shelf activity come from thousands of book professionals who are lucky enough to have prepublication access to those titles before anyone else … just like you.    

Booksellers can find a deeper integration of community activity in Edelweiss+, especially when it comes to buzz on those upcoming titles. In Edelweiss+, you can see Buzz from your coworkers, your Edelweiss Friends, and now from your Affiliations. So, basically, you can see, if you like, review and shelf activity from hundreds of other super-savvy booksellers.

Check your Affiliations by clicking on your name at the top of any Edelweiss+ page to open your profile:

Image of where to click at top of Edlweiss plus page to open profile.

Click the pencil icon to edit. If you work at an ABA member store, only one person at your store needs to add in your ABA membership number to get you all connected:

Image showing Edelweiss+ available affiliations

Once affiliated, you’ll see lots of affiliate activity on your buzz page in Edelweiss+ (see details here).
Image of sample affiliate activity on a Buzz page in Edelweiss+

You can also view that buzz activity in any catalog or title list:

Image of sample buzz activity on catalor or title list.

Equally helpful, assuming you trust the taste of your bookselling colleagues, is that you can sort any title list by this activity, putting those titles getting the most attention right at the top of the list:

Image showing sort button on Buzz activity page on Edleweiss+

Beyond personal taste, though, it’s probably fair to say that big books getting lots of attention from fellow booksellers are quite likely to be those books that end up as Indie Next List selections and future Indie Bestsellers. That’s sort of how all this works, after all.

Becoming affiliated with your ABA membership has the added benefit, for everyone at your store, of getting white-listed for Digital Review Copies much easier. Publishers have the ability to grant access to the entire ABA affiliate list. So less requesting, more reading.

Find details about adding reviews here (including Indie Next List nominations) and adding titles to shelves here.

As usual, feedback and questions are very welcome at [email protected].