Upcoming PBS FRONTLINE Documentary Examines Amazon and Jeff Bezos

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Screenshot of Amazon Empire documentary trailer screenOn Tuesday, February 18, PBS’ FRONTLINE documentary series will premiere “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos.” According to FRONTLINE, the documentary will “examine Amazon and Jeff Bezos’ ascent to power —  and his ability to shape everything from the future of work, to the future of commerce, to the future of technology.”

While the film will examine Amazon’s successes over the years, it also will focus on Amazon’s controversial surveillance, market dominance, safety problems, and worker exploitation. “Amazon Empire” will feature interviews with current Amazon executives and former employees as well as regulators and Amazon’s biggest critics.

The documentary airs Tuesday, February 18, at 9:00ET/8:00CT on PBS, the PBS Video App, and PBS.org/frontline.

See the trailer for “Amazon Empire” here. To learn more, read FRONTLINE’s press release.