World Book Night 2014 Statistics of Note

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World Book Night U.S. Executive Director Carl Lennertz offered the following figures of note this week relating to the April 23 celebration of reading:

2: The number of hours it took TSI to deliver 6,000 copies of Dover’s Shakespeare’s Sonnets to four Broadway theaters on the morning of April 23. “TSI came through for WBN in many ways, and this was one of them,” said Lennertz. “For those of you who know the Times Square traffic grid, this delivery feat was superheroesque.”

8: The percentage sales increase of WBN pick regular editions this year to date vs. last year.  “Sales is not one of our key metrics, but it’s still great to see,” said Lennertz. “It shows us that the WBN editions are going to non-book-buyers and with no negative impact on sales — only positive. This number also seems strong considering the winter weather.”

49: The percentage of WBN givers with graduate degrees.

3,250: The number of indie bookseller givers.

2 million: Media impression pick-ups from a key Barnes & Noble WBN release, including Bloomberg, Reuters, and 15 big city business journals.