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    Indie Bookstores Emphasize the Value of the Book for
    Challenging Holiday Season

    ABA Unveils Targeted IndieBound Holiday Marketing Effort

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    Tarrytown, NY October 23, 2008 In a volatile economic climate, with retail sales declining and the most important selling season approaching, the American Booksellers Association has fast-tracked an IndieBound holiday marketing push that stresses the value of the book as a gift.

    The new materials - over 40 different designs - communicate the lasting value of the book as a great gift. ABA members will have exclusive access to posters, bookmarks, postcards, in-store conversation starters, and ad campaigns carrying spirit lines such as "Books Return Dividends for Life," and "Why a Book? Because a Tie Never Changed Anyone's Life."

    IndieBound, which ABA launched in June, encourages shopping at local and independent businesses in order to sustain vibrant and healthy communities. As part of the program ABA designs multiple format marketing support for its members which incorporate the positive messages of the IndieBound community.

    "Even in a difficult economy people want to share their love for family and friends," said Meg Smith, ABA's chief marketing officer, "But we will be more mindful of how we spend our money. For customers looking for value in price and content, books deliver, and the new IndieBound Holiday campaign says that loud and clear."

    ABA has also organized a surviving tough times strategy stressing business fundamentals. Resources on the ABA website include education sessions on essential bookstore finances, and tips and insights from experienced booksellers. "In uncertain economic times, fundamentals of good business management apply more than ever," stressed Avin Mark Domnitz, ABA's CEO in a letter to the membership. "Cash is king," he added.

    All ABA members can produce IndieBound Holiday materials. Stores may be located on the consumer website,

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    Founded in 1900, the American Booksellers Association is a not-for-profit trade organization devoted to meeting the needs of its core members -- independently owned bookstores with storefront locations -- through education, information dissemination, business products and services, and advocacy. ABA exists to protect and promote the interests of independent retail book businesses, as well as to protect the First Amendment rights of every American. The association actively supports free speech, literacy, and programs that support local and independent retail shops. A board of nine booksellers, representing thousands of members, governs the Association. ABA is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York.


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