ABA Book Buyer's Handbook Update -- 9/2/03 [3]

Below is an outline of the most recent changes to the data in the ABA Book Buyer's Handbook online at handbook.bookweb.org [4].

Publishers can update their online listings and add special offe rs at any time using the Publisher Editing Tools at http://handbook.bookweb.org/pubhome.jsp [5]. Questions about access to the editing features of the Handbook online should be e-mailed to handbook@bookweb.org or call (800) 637-0037, ext. 1263 or 1261.

Booksellers are strongly encouraged to alert ABA of changing terms and special offers that come to their attention. This can easily be d on e by using an online form available at http://handbook.bookweb.org/form.jsp [6] or by sending an e-mail to handbook@bookweb.org [7].

Revised Company Listi ngs
(The following companies have corrected or added information to their company listings in the designated sections.)

  • Advance Books Company - Office Phone, Office Fax.
  • Barefoot Books - Web Address, Office Address, Publisher Details, Electronic Ordering, Discount Schedule.
  • Blue Mountain Arts - Toll-Free Fax Orders, Office Phone, Discount Schedule, Period of Eligibility for Returns.
  • Charlesbridge Publishing - Imprints, ISBN Prefixes, Discount Schedule, Personnel.
  • Daheshist Publishing Company, Ltd. - Publisher Details.
  • Harbour Publishing - Damaged/Defective Returns, Overstock Returns, Personnel.
  • Harvest House Publishers - Personnel.
  • In-Sight Books - Personnel.
  • Llewellyn Publications - Publisher Details, Discount Schedule, STOP, Co-op Policy.
  • McPherson & Company - E-mail Address, Publisher Details, Electronic Ordering, Freight Policy, Sales Representation, Damaged/Defective Returns, Overstock Returns, Period of Eligibility for Returns, Credit Allowed, Cr oss References.
  • National Book Network, Inc. - Office Address, Office Fax, Distribute, ISBN Prefixes, Co-op Policy, Personnel.
  • Pacific Island Books - Publisher Details, Distribute, Discount Schedu le.
  • Pacific View Press - Office Address, Damaged/Defective and Overstock Returns, Credit Allowed.
  • Random House, Inc. - Co-op Advertising.
  • Robert Collier Publications - STOP.
  • Star Light Press - Publisher Details, Electronic Ordering, Imprints, Co-op Policy.
  • Taylor & Francis Group - Distribute, Sales Representation, Cross References.
  • University of North Car olina Press - Sales Representation, Personnel.
  • Williamson Publishing Company - Office Phone, Office Fax, Publisher Details, Imprints, ISBN Prefixes, Electronic Ordering, Discount Schedule, Sales Representation, Damaged/Defective Returns, Overstock Returns, Period of Eligibility for Returns, Credit Allowed, Personnel.