On the Move… [4]

Here, Director Len Vlahos provides an update on the latest improvements and enhancements to

Greetings Bookseller! There's a lot of [5] news in this edition of On the Move:


Vote for the Best of Book Sense. If you haven't already seen the articles in Bookselling This Week and elsewhere, Book Sense is turning five years old this spring (can you believe it?!), and we're planning a number of way to commemorate the event. One important way is creating a list of The Best Books: The Best of Book Sense from the First Five Years.

We're asking every ABA member bookstore employee to vote for his or her favorite Book Sense 76 titles from the first five years of the program. Lists like this have strong consumer appeal and will make for a great in-store display (we'll provide materials) this summer.

And to encourage booksellers to vote, we're going to draw one lucky winner at random from everyone who submits a ballot (or attends an ABA forum this spring), and award that person five years' lodging at and admission to BEA!!!

To vote, simply go to [6]. And remember, every employee in your store is eligible to vote!


New partner for We've added a new affiliate partner for you to optionally feature on your site. Docurama is a company that sells quality DVD and video products. You can now add a link to Docurama from your Web site, and if any of your customers make a purchase at the Docurama Web site you will receive an affiliate commission. This is a very easy way to generate some modest additional revenue with virtually no effort on your part. Plus, you'll expose your customers to quality DVD and video products, which only strengthens their impression of your site.

To add the Docurama icon/link to your site, simply click on "Preferences" on the lower left-hand side of your store's "Admin" page. Once on that page, you'll see that a checkbox next to "Docurama." If the box is already checked, then the icon will appear on your site. If you want to remove the link, uncheck the box.

3. Levenger Link Now Optional. Displaying the Levenger icon/link on your home page is now optional. On the same "Preferences" page noted above, you can now opt out of the Levenger link. Simply uncheck the box next to "Levenger."
4. Gift Card Report. For stores participating in the Gift Card program, we have added a "Gift Card Report." This report will show your gift card sales, and can be found under the "Reports" link on the top navigation bar of your "Admin" page.
5. Gift Card Order Detail. Also for stores participating in the Gift Card program, you can now click on the Gift Card ISBN on an order detail page, enabling you to see which specific gift card a customer is ordering.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [7] or contact customer service at (800) 637-0037, ext. 1234 or [8].


Len [7]