IndieBound on PC Magazine's 'Cool Web Site' List [2]

PC Magazine's AppScout [3], which "scour[s] the world in search of the best software, sites, and Web apps," recently named [4] to its list of "Cool Web Sites."

In its write-up, the editors and analysts from PC Mag noted: "Book fans have been watching their favorite corner bookstores and small, hole-in-the-wall independent news stands and shops close for years.... If you're a bibliophile ... you're probably dismayed by the trend.

"Enter IndieBound, a campaign to save local and independent bookstores, engage independent authors and small publishers, and introduce readers new and old to the wonder of their local bookstore."

The AppScout article also provides a link to IndieBound, and displays the "Declaration of IndieBound" creed and a screenshot of the Indie Next List page.