A Message From the ABA Board About IndieBound's New Holiday Marketing Materials [3]

Dear Bookseller Colleagues,

You recall that wonderful saying, When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping...?

Times are tough, but there will always be holiday shopping. And in this volatile economic climate, we believe that focusing on the lasting value of the book as a great gift is the best approach for independent bookstores this holiday season.

[4]The American Booksellers Association has fast-tracked an IndieBound holiday marketing push. The new materials -- more than 40 different designs communicating the value of the book -- are now available in the Bookseller DIY [5]. ABA members have exclusive access to posters, bookmarks, postcards, in-store conversation starters, and ad slicks carrying spirit lines such as "Books Return Dividends for Life," "Why a Book? Because a Tie Never Changed Anyone's Life," "Books Are a Gift Beyond Measure," and "Shop Indie: Nuture Your Community This Season." And many more! (For an overview of the full array of materials, download the IndieBound Holiday Guide [4].)

Carole Horne of Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, put it beautifully: "There's always the temptation to cut marketing expenses in tough times, but if we possibly can, we keep them the same, or even increase them," she said. "Books are a great value when people are watching their spending, whether you consider their lasting value compared to more impermanent purchases, the cost-per-hour of pleasure, or simply the psychological comfort books can give. For people looking for a special gift, a high-priced book can seem as luxurious as other things that are more expensive. We need to get this message to our customers."

We couldn't agree more, and believe the IndieBound Holiday designs do just that.

Here is how you can use these IndieBound Holiday files [5]:

  • Send the designs to your production team (if you have one!)
  • Include the designs in your store e-mail newsletters and in-store displays
  • Include the designs in any store advertising
  • Talk to your colleagues, online (the ABA forums) and otherwise, about this resource
  • Refer questions and requests for design adjustments to IndieBound Outreach Liaison Paige Poe [6]

Of course, ANY other ideas you have will be much appreciated. We believe that focusing on the value of what we do and sell is the best way for all indie booksellers to approach this holiday season.

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful selling season!

Gayle Shanks
ABA President
Changing Hands Bookstore
Tempe, Arizona
Michael Tucker
ABA Vice President
Books Inc.
San Francisco, California

Becky Anderson
Anderson's Bookshops
Naperville, Illinois

Steve Bercu
Austin, Texas

Tom Campbell
The Regulator Bookshop
Durham, North Carolina

Dan Chartrand
Water Street Bookstore
Exeter, New Hampshire

Cathy Langer
Tattered Cover Book Store
Denver, Colorado

Beth Puffer
Bank Street Bookstore
New York, New York

Ken White
SFSU Bookstore
San Francisco, California