Indie Next List Deadline Reminder [3]

Booksellers will have two opportunities in January 2009 to help create Indie Next Lists:

  • Friday, January 2, is the deadline for nominations for the March Indie Next List, and
  • Friday, January 9, is the deadline for the Spring Indie Kids' List.

"Both these deadlines are coming at a very hectic time," said Dan Cullen, ABA's senior director for editorial content, "but it's also a chance for booksellers to play a very important role in creating interesting -- and influential -- lists to showcase great writing to book buyers. We're very grateful for all that indie booksellers have done for the Indie Next List this year, and we're also very much looking forward to seeing what intriguing titles will be on the upcoming lists." Cullen also noted that "this is the first kids' list of the year, and, with consumers still very much browsing, and purchasing, children's titles, it would be especially good to have a strong kids' list to begin '09."

Booksellers can send their nominations via e-mail to [4] or they can use the electronic form on [5]. All subject categories are welcome as nominations -- including such nonfiction categories as cooking and business. And staff selections that are featured in-store, in newsletters, or online can always be sent in as Indie Next List nominations.

The complete schedule of 2009 bookseller nomination deadlines [6] for the Indie Next Lists is now available on