Go Green With New Biodegradable IndieBound Bags [4]

By popular request, W.G. Ellerkamp [5] is now offering environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic IndieBound bags. These plastic bags are made with 10 - 15 percent recycled material and will break down safely within a few years when buried or composted.

The bags feature "Eat, Sleep, Read" on one side and "Peace, Love, Books" on the other. Dimensions are 15" x 18" + 4". A fold-over die-cut handle on top adds strength and stability to bags stuffed full of books. Since they don't look or feel different from other plastic bags, a prominent recycling logo and message alerts consumers that the bag is safe for the environment. The new biodegradable bags are available for $129 for a case of 500 before shipping.

W.G. Ellerkamp offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products, including reusable totes. A blue "Eat, Sleep, Read" tote was recently added alongside its popular brother, the red "Peace, Love, Books" tote. Both totes measure 13" x 5" x 13" and are available in cases of 100 for $1.80 each, or $2.30 customized with a bookstore's logo on the reverse side.

Orders for all Ellerkamp products may be placed via an online order form [6] or downloadable PDF [7] on BookWeb.org. Questions and orders can also be addressed to jack@wgellerkamp.com [8], by calling (800) 805-0012, or by fax to (603) 924-0044.