E-Book Promotions [5]

There are a number of ongoing e-book promotions featured on IndieCommerce.com’s Publisher Promotions page [7]. And next Friday, just in time for Halloween, Sourcebooks’ offer of eight paranormal romances for $.99 each [8] kicks in. This promo runs from October 28 - November 3.

Also in time for Halloween, Unbridled’s Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius [9] goes on sale for $3.99, from October 24 - November 5.

No action is necessary on the part of booksellers to change the prices as they appear on their IndieCommerce site’s product pages. Details provided on IndieCommerce.com include product numbers and promotional materials provided by publishers to help stores draw attention to e-book titles on sale.

New to IndieCommerce.com is an expanded Help Section [10] with instructions for highlighting publisher promotions on your website. This section features step-by-step instructions for imbedding HTML codes, creating a page featuring a booklist, and creating a block with covers that link to listings. Booksellers who have questions about any of the instructions and those who would like to see more topics covered in the Help Section should contact IndieCommerce Service Rep Valerie Federici [11].

Publishers with upcoming e-book promotions are also encouraged to send details and promotional materials to Federici [11].