American Booksellers Association Launches Entrepreneurial Excellence Award [4]

This year, the American Booksellers Association is launching a new annual honor for booksellers, to be called the ABA Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, which recognizes and celebrates the achievements of booksellers whose ideas, creativity, and execution have improved operations, fostered community relationships, inspired new efficiencies, created a more inclusive environment, saved money, or increased sales.  

The award application process is open to all booksellers from ABA member bookstores who are in good standing; the ABA Entrepreneurial Excellence Award will be given to two booksellers. ABA is currently in the process of forming an Award Selection Committee, which will be comprised of booksellers who will review the applications and select the winners.

The two winning booksellers will receive a full scholarship to Winter Institute 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland, covering up to five nights in the host hotel; reasonable travel costs; and a stipend of $1,000. Applicants may submit their application as an essay, in a video, or via audio recording to [6].

Applications should include the problem or concern the bookseller has recognized, the solution they created, the steps they took to implement the solution, and the results of implementing their idea. Applicants should also provide data to support the success of their innovative idea.

All applications must be received by Monday, October 21, and the winners will be announced on Monday, November 18.