Unique and Wonderful Ann Arbor Bookstore for Sale

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Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, housed in its own beautifully renovated building on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor, is closing in February of 2022, but could be for sale to the right buyer/s.

About the store:

Founded 40 years ago, and owned for 33 years by Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter, it is recognized as one of the 4 or 5 finest body/mind/spirit bookstores in the nation. Upon the announcement of its closing, the online MLive, affiliated with the city’s main newspaper, The Ann Arbor News, headlined its article, “Iconic Downtown Bookstore to Close Early Next Year.” There has been a regional outpouring of love and heartfelt appreciation (on Facebook) for the contribution that Crazy Wisdom has made to the community, over the decades.

The bookstore just had its most profitable year, ever. The bookstore has had about 14,000 titles in 150+ sections, plus jewelry, crafts, art, instruments, statuary, aromatherapy, incense, crystals, textiles, and bath/body products. The tea room, situated up a mahogany staircase and under a lovely tin ceiling, has typically hosted (pre-pandemic) live music every weekend, a bi-monthly poetry series, a monthly storytelling series, book signings and book talks, Salon evenings, and fairy teas for children. There is also a meeting room on the second floor, which has typically been rented out 250 times per year, for drum circles, herbal classes, meditation groups, book discussion groups, energy healing talks, relationship workshops, and related topics. Typically, the store also has 7 or 8 intuitive readers doing Tarot/intuitive/psychic readings on the second floor during the course of each week.

The bookstore/tea room is also associated with the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, print and online, and the online Crazy Wisdom Biweekly. The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is a 112 page, full-color magazine devoted to conscious living topics in the region, includes thirty articles, essays, profiles and interviews, and a calendar of local events, and has over eighty advertisers per issue. The publications are not for sale, and will continue under the current ownership, but could (potentially) continue to publicize bookstore/tea room events. The Crazy Wisdom “brand” in the area is well-known, well-liked and trusted. The store’s mission of serving people in the region who are searching in their lives — in terms of spiritual and psychological growth, integrative medicine and holistic health, sustainability, and conscious living — is valued and respected.

This would be an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right owner/s — to own, nurture and build one of the most outstanding body/mind/spirit businesses in the United States. This business gave meaning and purpose to the lives of the couple who have owned it for the last 33 years, and to the staff members who worked there, and it could do the same for you! They invite and encourage others with a vision and with capital to invest to step into the role of providing a safe haven for seekers and countercultural imaginings in the Ann Arbor region.

Contact information:

They welcome any serious inquiries into buying the bookstore, and renting the space, or related ideas. Please email Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter at: billz@crazywisdom.net


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