The E-Commerce Newsletter For Booksellers           February 15, 2019

Are We Reaching the Right Person?Image result for contact info

Ifthe IndieCommerce team needs to contact someone at your store regarding your website, will we be able to reach the correct person? Please take a look at "Store -> Configuration -> Store -> Basic Information" and check to see that the correct contact information is listed. If it is not, please update it. Questions? Contact


Are Staff Accounts for Your Store’s Website Up to Date?Image result for Login

Each bookstore staff member who has access to your website should have their own account. Please don’t use one account for all staff members. Instructions for creating new staff accounts can be found here:

This is also a good time for every staff member to update their website password. Using the same password year after year increases the chance of your website getting hacked. It’s a good idea to reset passwords every six months.


If Your Website Goes DownImage result for website down

The IndieCommerce system is hosted by a company called Rackspace. Over the past week we had a service interruption due to a bug in their system. In this particular case, automated text messages and phone calls went out to ABA staff and the problem was corrected very quickly. Even though we have these automated alert systems in place, don’t hesitate to report outages online at:


Switching to Accept.js For Credit Card Processing

Accept.js ensures greater PCI compliance and security for IndieCommerce and IndieLite sites. Sensitive cardholder data, such as the complete credit card number and the card verification value (CVV) number, are passed directly to via Accept.js and are not stored or “touched” by your website.

Prior to the 2018 holiday shopping season, we had started migrating IndieCommerce stores over to  Accept.js. We suspended this move from November 2018 through January 2019 during the holiday shopping season and Winter Institute.

For stores that use ABA's Authnet account for processing credit card orders, we will move you to Accept.js within the next week. Stores that use their own Authnet account should schedule a time for the switchover. Please email to schedule your move. We want to get all sites moved to Accept.js by March 15.


Thanks for reading. Feel free to email us with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.
The IndieCommerce team

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