Kobo Update: Arc Price Drop and Updated DIY Images [5]

Last Thursday, Kobo announced a price drop that went into effect immediately on all on-hand inventory of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Kobo Arcs. The special pricing is in effect until supplies run out.

The old 16GB Arc is now $99; the 32GB is now $129; and the 64GB is now $149.

The deadline to report sales is March 15, 2014, via the Kobo Reporting Tool [6].

For rebate amounts and instructions for receiving the rebate via ACH transfer, stores should refer to the January 16 Weekly Kobo News & Updates in the Kobo Archive [7] on BookWeb.org.

Updated Images in DIY: Indie Next List Book Covers

Stores can refresh their online Kobo imagery with new graphics recently added to Designs & Downloads [8] on BookWeb.org.

New items include:

  • A button boasting an additional million eBooks in the Kobo catalog — Kobo now has four million eBooks, so show it off by swapping the old online banners with the new button provided.
  • New Device Button banners — Showcasing the Arc 7 and Aura.
  • Updated Device images — Featuring bestselling indie titles.