Find Waldo Local Digital Begins July 1 [5]


Due to the coronavirus, Find Waldo Local [7], Candlewick’s longtime program supporting independent bookstores and promoting the shop local movement, is going digital for 2020. Candlewick and the American Booksellers Association have worked together to create a turnkey digital Waldo scavenger hunt for independent bookstores to host this summer.

Booksellers will find materials for Find Waldo Local Digital in the June box mailing. Additional resources are available on [8] and in the Where’s Waldo? At Home [9] web portal.

The digital campaign will run the entire summer, from July 1 to August 31, 2020. No registration is required, there are no order minimums, and all ABA member stores are invited to join in.
Throughout the summer, participating bookstores can:

  • Create Where’s Waldo? window displays, put up Waldo book displays, hide Waldo in reading nooks, have Waldo pal around with the store cat, have him peek out of a store bag. There are countless ways to showcase Waldo in your store. Creativity is encouraged!
  • Visit [8] for an array of downloadable assets, social media images, and guidelines for their use.
  • Share photos, downloadable assets, and information about your campaign on your social media accounts, on your store website, and in your store newsletters. Be sure to use #FindWaldoLocal and #WheresWaldo and tag Candlewick in your social media posts.  
  • Increase consumer engagement by encouraging your customers to Waldo-watch safely in their own homes and neighborhoods. Distribute the downloadable activity sheet provided in the ABA Toolbox (“Instructions for Consumers”) far and wide. Candlewick recommends including this sheet in every online, curbside, or delivery order you fulfill as well as promoting through social media and on your website. The sheet has instructions for activities and an image of Waldo to cut out and color in.
  • Encourage your customers to share photos on social media, tagging your bookstore and Candlewick, and using the hashtags #FindWaldoLocal and #WheresWaldo.
  • Check in with your Candlewick sales rep for a Waldo special offer (also posted on the ABA Toolbox). 

Email [10] with questions..