Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform Hosting Telephone Town Hall

    The December 13 telephone Town Hall will give booksellers a crucial opportunity to ask questions about tax reform relative to their business.

    Tax Reform Could Harm Small Business, Advocates Contend

    “Business owners need to speak out right now,” said Rhett Buttle of Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform. “Members of Congress need to hear from you that you oppose the bill in its current form.”

    FCC Chairman Shuts Down Senators’ Call to Delay Net Neutrality Vote

    The Federal Communications Commission said it will move forward and vote on whether to roll back the rules to the 2010 regulations on December 14.

    New Small Business Coalition Opposes Tax Reform Proposals

    According to a tax policy expert, the current tax reform bills in Congress favor large businesses over small ones. The matter was discussed during a telephone town hall hosted by Businesses for Responsible Tax Reform.

    Indies Believe They Are Better Positioned Than Chains to Weather Amazon’s Growth

    A new survey from the Advocates for Independent Business reports that as bricks-and-mortar retail faces new stresses, the impacts appear to be playing out differently for independent retailers than for chains.

    Defense Bill Could Provide Amazon With $53 Billion Government Procurement Market

    A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act could secure Amazon significant government purchasing power; ABA is urging Senate and House leadership to remove the provision before the bill is signed.

    15 Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of South Dakota Sales Tax Fairness Petition to Supreme Court

    A number of groups have filed briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a petition that urges the revision of a 1992 decision that defines which retailers are liable to collect and remit a state’s sales tax.

    Polls Reveal Public’s Shrinking Support for First Amendment Rights

    Washington Post reporter James Hohmann’s recent blog post cites polls conducted since Donald Trump became president that show eroding public support for the First Amendment.

    ABA Files Amicus Brief in Support of South Dakota Petition to U.S. Supreme Court Challenging Nexus Definition

    ABA has filed an amicus brief in support of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Overstock, and Newegg, a petition urging the U.S. Supreme Court to revise a 1992 decision that defines which retailers are liable to collect and remit state sales tax.

    Revolution Books Stands Up to the Alt-Right

    Revolution Books in Berkeley, California, has been standing strong in the face of attacks by alt-right activists attempting to intimidate the store’s customers and staff.

    Overstepping Its Bounds: Amazon’s HQ2 Location Search Lures Desperate Lawmakers and Prompts Media Criticism

    Amazon’s search for a location for its second headquarters has prompted a discussion about the practical wisdom of offering corporations huge tax incentives and subsidies.

    President Trump Signs Executive Order Allowing Association Health Plans

    President Donald Trump signed an executive order on October 12 to expand access to association health plans (AHPs), allowing small businesses to band together through a trade association to buy health insurance.

    Survey Aims to Assess Changing Retail Landscape

    ABA is encouraging booksellers to complete a new survey from the Advocates for Independent Business that seeks data that can contribute to larger media and public policy discussions.

    South Dakota Supreme Court Rejects State Attempt to Collect Online Sales Tax

    On Thursday, September 14, the Supreme Court of the State of South Dakota ruled that the state cannot force remote retailers to collect and remit sales tax if they do not have nexus in South Dakota.

    Amazon Seeks Second HQ and Tax Incentives in Exchange for Jobs

    Late last week, Amazon issued a request for proposals as it looks to build a $5 billion second headquarters somewhere in North America.


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