Middle Grade

    • Just Like Jackie, Lindsey Stoddard
      HarperCollins, 9780062652911, January 2, 2018 (Middle Grade)

      “Robbie’s spirit grows fierce as she confronts grown-up problems too large for a young kid in braids and a baseball cap. She fights to protect her family and honor, but realizes she must stop battling those who have her best interest at heart. Learning to trust others is sometimes the hardest lesson of all. Robbie is brave beyond her years and has become my hero!”

      -Stacey Haerr, Warwick’s (La Jolla, CA)

      “A winning novel about a heroine as strong and determined as her pioneer namesake. Robbie is charged with a burden she can neither articulate nor put down, and readers will cheer as her tentative steps toward securing her future grow ever more confident.

      -Sam Miller, Carmichael’s Bookstore (Louisville, KY)

      “Robinson loves her grandfather more than anything, even more than her three favorite things: baseball, fixing cars, and making maple syrup. Her grandfather is the only family she has or so she believes, until a school project makes Robinson rethink what family really means. Robinson is a little girl with a giant spirit and personality, who just wants to live up to her namesake, Jackie Robinson. This sweet story is a home run in my eyes.”


      -Holly Alexander, The Book Stall (Winnetka, IL)

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