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There are three ways for ABA member booksellers to nominate titles to the Next Lists:

  1. Complete the form on this page.
  2. On Edelweiss, go to the book page, click on "Review," write a review, and under the "Nominate" section, select "Indie Next." Unfortunately, clicking "Much Love" does not count as a nomination.
  3. On NetGalley, click the green “Title Feedback” button for any title in your account.

When nominating for the every-other-month Kids' Next List, please note these publication date parameters:

  • January/February List: titles on sale in December and January
  • March/April List: titles on sale in February and March
  • May/June List: titles on sale in April and May
  • July/August List: titles on sale in June and July
  • September/October List: titles on sale in August and September
  • November/December List: titles on sale in October and November

Nomination Form

ABA member booksellers can nominate up to six (6) titles at a time, each time they submit the form.


  • Next Lists blurbs are not reviews: Think of them like a tweet or a sound bite! How would you describe the book to a customer or friend? Please try and limit to 280 characters or less.
  • Write conversationally; think of what might follow "I loved it!" or "I couldn't put it down," or "Wow, that was an emotional journey..."
  • Don't be intimidated by the quotes you see in the final Next Lists. They've all been edited! (We'll take care of the grammar and punctuation....)
  • INL Deadline Shelf-talkerYou might already have a lot of nominations on hand — send in what's on the staff pick cards you've written up, or send in your staff picks from your newsletter or website.
  • All subject categories are welcome — fiction and nonfiction, hardover and paperback, for adult and children (all categories).
  • Help remind other staff members in your store to submit, too. Post the Next List Nomination Shelf-talker wherever you keep your ARCs.

*Only nominations from ABA member booksellers will be considered.

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