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In addition to the many programs ABA offers its members, the Association has developed affinity partnerships with vendors that offer discounted products, services, and business opportunities. For the latest news and updates from ABA’s affinity partners, see Bookselling This Week.

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2020 Vision USA

2020 Vision USA designs stylish, eco-friendly and affordable readers that are used by book lovers everywhere. They are available online at and in boutiques and bookstores throughout the U.S. and abroad. Most importantly, 2020 has kept the incredible, personal customer service that founder Phil Meyer started more than 20 years ago, as evidenced by one glowing review after another.

In addition to a longstanding commitment to customer service, 2020 Vision looks to give their customers the opportunity to look good and feel good while staying on top of the latest technology and lifestyle trends to better serve the community. 2020 Vision USA is a brand with an innovative mindset and a desire to promote social engagement and positive change in the areas that are directly related to the business, including giving back to charitable organizations, promoting eye-care protection and education and supporting conservation and free speech. In fact, 2020 Vision USA donates a portion of their profits on behalf of ABA member bookstores to support freedom of speech through ABFE, the American Booksellers for Free Expression.

In addition, ABA bookstore members receive special discounts from 2020 Vision USA and you are encouraged to contact Denise Foster at or 214-769-2227 to learn more. We look forward to “seeing you!"

Above the Treeline

Above the Treeline creates web-based products that help booksellers connect with books. Treeline Analytics Inventory Management System is a web-based system designed to help bookstores improve finances by optimizing inventory selection and turns. Among its many benefits, it allows booksellers to spot sales trends and to measure store performance. The setup fee is waived for ABA members setting up new accounts, and all ABA members receive 10% off the standard monthly fee. Some key benefits of Treeline Analytics include:

  • Treeline Top Sellers: See bestselling titles that may be missing from inventory, top-selling titles from across all independent bookstore subscribers, and present and historical stock positions on titles.
  • Store Performance: Booksellers can compare store data with other anonymous stores and gauge strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for change.
  • Title Lists: Subscribers can view title lists submitted by suppliers or create their own.
  • Category Comparisons: Subscribers can evaluate a category's performance over time and compare it to other stores, and review sales and inventory trends to evaluate inventory efficiency.
  • Publisher Partnership Program: Retailers can choose to participate with all, some, or none of ATL's publisher/supplier customers.

ATL also offers Edelweiss Interactive Publisher Catalogs, an online, interactive, cross-publisher catalog service that supplements or replaces traditional hard-copy publisher catalogs. For a summary and details about Edelweiss, visit the ATL website. To learn more about getting started with Edelweiss, visit the Knowledge Base page. To learn more about Above the Treeline tools, contact Joe Foster ( For Edelweiss inquiries, write to

Batch for Books

Batch for Books offers booksellers a way to streamline how they manage invoices and prepare payments to publishers with Batch’s free web platform.  The quantity of invoices booksellers receive can be overwhelming and Batch can help so you spend less time on bookkeeping and more time on bookselling.  

Booksellers can benefit from using Batch in the following ways: 

  • Less paperwork: No more stacks of paper overrunning your desk. Batch automatically and electronically organizes invoices to reduce paperwork and free up your time.  
  • Online access to invoices: Manage invoices when and where it’s most convenient for you. 
  • Make claims with a click: Allows you to verify shipments and raise claims for damages or shortages without needing to spend time calling the publisher.    
  • No data entry: Batch can link with QuickBooks enabling automated entry of invoice data. 
  • Preparing payments is a breeze: Easy to see and choose the invoices you want to pay.  
  • Batch is free to use!

To get started or to request more information about Batch for Books, fill out our contact form or email Nathan Halter (


Bonfire is a free online platform where you can design, sell, fundraise with, and order custom products to build your bookseller brand. They handle 100% of the logistics, like payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service so you can focus on connecting with your community. Whether you want to sell limited edition releases or have a long-term online store, their flexible platform offers a catalog of premium merch that never sacrifices quality. ABA members can claim a free custom design (one time only) by emailing Taylor Soignoli at

Booksellers Insurance Program

You sell books. The Booksellers Insurance Program (formerly Libris) covers them – and you – with insurance specialized for independent bookstores by insurer QBE. Formed by ABA in 1997, we provide affordable business insurance protection for its booksellers and the loss exposures you face:

  • General Liability
  • Business Personal Property
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Seasonal increase in merchandise is covered
  • New store benefit
  • Special event coverage
  • Additional lines of coverage as needed

Work with your agent, or directly with us at

Insurance coverage that fits you like a book jacket.


Bookshop is an online platform with an explicit mission to promote and financially support the bricks-and-mortar bookselling community. Created as a B-Corp, Bookshop provides online customers who are not currently buying books on indie bookstore sites an easy-to-use platform that features one-click purchasing; a clear, intuitive interface; and fast shipping (fulfillment is handled by Ingram). 

Booksellers can participate in Bookshop in two ways:

Sign up to be a partner: 10 percent of every sale on Bookshop goes to ABA member bookstores that opt in as partners; these funds are divided evenly among participating bookstores nationwide and dispersed by Bookshop every six months. To be eligible for the pool payout, stores must be ABA members with a physical location (this includes semi-permanent pop-ups and mobile stores). Online and events only businesses are not eligible. There are no other requirements, and there is no fee to become a partner. 

Sign up to be an affiliate: Affiliate stores that sell books online using Bookshop (by sharing Bookshop links on social media, in email newsletters, or on their websites) earn 30 percent commission on any sales they generate. All orders are fulfilled through Ingram, and Bookshop handles the inventory, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and returns. Affiliate stores are also listed on Bookshop’s store finder on To be eligible for the 30 percent affiliate rate, stores must be ABA members with a physical location (this includes semi-permanent pop-ups and mobile stores). Online and events only businesses are not eligible.

Stores should email Bookshop’s Sarah High to sign up for the partner or affiliate programs, or to find out more about Bookshop and its regular bookseller forum.

Learn more about Bookshop here or visit Bookshop’s website.

Biblio is an online marketplace that specializes in used, rare, and out-of-print books. Its white-label affiliate program with ABA enables member stores to give their website visitors instant access to millions of these titles, from more than 5,000 sources, via a customized co-branded portal. Biblio provides all of the banners and search boxes to put on your site, and your customers visit a co-branded version of Biblio with links to your website. For information and sign-up, a Biblio FAQ page may be found here. ABA members can visit

Chico BagsChicoBag Company

ChicoBag provides fun, unique and eco-friendly bags in all shapes and sizes with various fabric options including the ChicoBag rePETe, which is manufactured from 99% recycled content. Every ChicoBag features an attached carrying pouch with clip for taking the bag anywhere. Customers love that they can fit a ChicoBag into their pocket, purse or clipped to their backpack, so they can always have a bag on hand. When open, ChicoBags are full-size shopping bags, totes and other bag styles that are incredibly durable, machine washable and come with a manufacturer warranty.

Member bookstores save 5% off and a free display on their first standard order of ChicoBags.
Member bookstores save 10% on all custom printed ChicoBags with your bookstore’s logo.

For more information, please see this flyer. You may also contact Crystal Viars at ChicoBag at 503-717-2158, or email


Crowdcast is a live video platform for webinars, Q&As, courses, concerts, and online conferences.

ABA member booksellers will receive 20 percent off for 12 months on any of the plans that they choose when signing up for Crowdcast; booksellers can visit this page on BookWeb to access the special link that will grant their store the discount (booksellers will need to be logged in to BookWeb to see the link). 

Stores that are already on the platform can use the discount going forward; booksellers are encouraged to contact Crowdcast to apply the coupon to their account.

Questions can be sent to or through the Support Center chat feature when logged into Crowdcast.

Constant Contact Email Newsletters

Constant Contact makes communicating with customers easy and measurable. Constant Contact manages every aspect of an email campaign, from creation to mailing to customer support. ABA Regular bookstore members receive an annual rebate based on average monthly usage.

For more information about the benefits of using Constant Contact, refer to this PDF that reviews how permission-based email can help you to stay connected to your customers. This one page customer support PDF provides tips and support designed for ABA members. Additional downloadable resources from Constant Contact are 10 Easy Ways to Build an Effective Email List and 10 Truths for Creating Almost Perfect Subject Lines.

Sign up for the program to take advantage of the ABA rebate. (Note – this link must be used in order to participate in the rebate program.)

To move your account to the ABA rebate program, email email partner support directly at You must have your CC username; tell support you would like your account moved under the American Booksellers Association partnership.

Eventbrite logoEventbrite

ABA has established a partnership with Eventbrite, a sophisticated event technology service that allows members to manage ticket sales for their store’s events. ABA members will have access to a substantial Eventbrite discount and customer support via email and phone. ABA members will also receive a one-hour onboarding session with an Eventbrite representative.

Eventbrite allows event-holders to set up an event page in minutes, offer multiple ticket options, and learn more about their ticket-buying community with customized questions. In addition, event-goers can purchase tickets directly on stores’ websites and social media pages. Booksellers who have an existing account with Eventbrite can easily migrate to the new members-only program to take advantage of lower rates and enhanced customer support and training.

In March 2022, Eventbrite announced updated rates for ABA members. To get started, ABA member booksellers should fill out this form. Once the form has been submitted, Eventbrite’s Jorge Portillo will be in contact with more details.

Gravity Payments

Gravity Payments logoABA is partnering with Gravity Payments to offer credit card processing services to bookstore members. Gravity Payments, which came recommended by several booksellers, was launched because the company saw independent businesses being overcharged and underserved by their credit card processors. Gravity Payments has been able to lower costs, be completely transparent, and provide better service for the bookselling community. Today, Gravity Payments has served more than 20,000 independent businesses in the U.S.

Gravity Payments offers 2.4% + 23 cents per online transaction for IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores and .11% (11 basis points) + 6 cents per transaction plus interchange for in-store transactions. This is a three year contract, with a $250 penalty for early cancellation. 

To learn more about Gravity or to consult with a dedicated ABA rep about your business visit


GTM HR (formerly PINNACLE HR), is a human resources services provider. ABA bookstore members will have access to a certified human resources professional who will provide assistance with development or updates to employee handbooks, wage benchmarking data, HR forms, training programs, and advice and opinions on various HR-related problems. ABA bookstore members will receive a discounted hourly rate for most HR services. There is no monthly rate and no startup fee. Some services are available on a fixed fee basis; the GTM HR consultant will provide time estimates and quotes upon request. Learn more or get started with GTM HR by contacting Account Executive, Tim Miller, at 518-836-2545 or logo


ABA members interested in selling ebooks can join the Kobo eReading program and offer their customers more than six million titles. ABA members share in the revenue on every sale. Learn more about the Kobo program here. enables independent stores to sell digital audiobooks through a co-branded experience. It's easy for your customers, and it's easy for your bookstore.

Start selling immediately with no inventory • No up-front costs, fees, or technical expertise required • Digital audiobooks play on all devices • Excellent support for you and your customers • Sales of digital audiobooks up 34% in 2015. Find out more about the Indie Partner program. Take for a test drive and shop from the list of partner stores. Ready to get started? Contact Mark Pearson at

For all the details, visit

Digital Box with NetGalley

Members of the American Booksellers Association can utilize NetGalley for free to access digital review copies and audiobooks, nominate books for the Indie Next List, and discover new authors and publishers. Plus, ABA members can receive the exclusive Digital Box Newsletter, which grants pre-approved access to select digital galleys of upcoming print books!

Booksellers can add their ABA member ID number to their NetGalley profile. When you request books on NetGalley, publishers will see the ABA logo near your name, allowing them to easily identify you as a confirmed ABA member. Booksellers who enter their ABA numbers are generally approved more quickly and often (including being auto-approved).

Nominate books for the Indie Next List via NetGalley! NetGalley collects nominations weekly and submits them to the ABA for consideration. Once you’re approved or invited to view a book on NetGalley, click the “Give Feedback” button from the book page or on your Shelf. On the Opinions page, select “Yes” to nominate the book for the Indie Next List.

Opt into the monthly ABA Digital Box Newsletter from NetGalley! Sign up here to participate in the free Digital Box program; members will need to first log in to Each individual working at an ABA member store can receive their own Digital Box email.

As part of ABA’s commitment to antiracism, representation, equity, and access, ABA works with NetGalley to review the Digital Box program book descriptions to screen for hate speech as defined by the U.N.'s criteria, though the information available for screening may be limited. Screening is done for hate speech only, leaving the ultimate decision of whether to request, read, sell, or support these books to the booksellers.


ABA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip. Whether your shipment is going across the country or across the world, you’ll ship smarter with this free ABA member benefit.

  • Save on small package shipping with discounts of 50 percent on FedEx Express and 30 percent on FedEx Ground.
  • Reduce your freight costs with competitive LTL and truckload rates from UPS Freight, YRC Freight, XPO, and many others.
  • Improve your supply chain efficiency with affordable warehouse storage and fulfillment services.
  • Take control of your inbound shipping costs with customized routing instructions.

Enroll in the ABA Shipping Program today to start saving. For members who are already using the program, but don’t have the current FedEx discounts, make sure you re-enroll to receive the improved pricing. If you have any questions about using the program or would like a quote, contact PartnerShip.

Booksellers can learn more about taking control of inbound shipping in this short video featuring the ABA Shipping Program managed by PartnerShip.

The Bookstore Training Group of Paz & Associates

Are your hopes and dreams related to owning a bookstore? Whether you want to learn how to start a bookstore, buy an existing store, or simply want to become more proficient at running a sustainable bookstore business, The Bookstore Training Group of Paz & Associates' bookstore workshops and training guides are the best way to lay the foundation for your success. If you need one-to one help with business plans, bookstore design, inventory selection, newsletter marketing, retail management, or business valuations, call 904-277-2664 or visit their website. ABA members receive a $200 discount on tuition for the Owning a Bookstore workshop, and a 20% discount on the Opening a Bookstore Essential Planning Guide.

Professional Booksellers SchoolProfessional Booksellers School

The Professional Booksellers School’s mission is to provide training, share acquired knowledge, and offer clarification of retail bookselling to save booksellers time, money and aggravation.  Taught by seasoned booksellers, the school opened its first class in 2021 and trains hundreds of booksellers each year.

Core certification courses include Event Management, Inventory Management, Store & Operations Management, and Basic Bookselling. These courses can be taken for certification, or you can audit to access the information and learn. These courses are also available through independent study, providing freedom to learn on your own time schedule. Additional courses currently being offered are Bookstore Finances, and Bookstore Year-One. Courses are being developed for Leadership and Resource Management; and Business Development.

Registration fees discounts are available for members of regional booksellers associations who are PBS donors. Some regional booksellers associations have scholarship programs; check with your association.  The Professional Booksellers School is an independent education non-profit, funded by the publishing and bookselling industry.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly provides ABA Regular and Provisional member booksellers a free one-year subscription, a $289 value, which includes 52 print + digital issues and premium online access at ABA members may subscribe or renew their Publishers Weekly subscription at any time during the year.  Team members at your location are also eligible to receive a free one-year digital subscription. Share this link with anyone on your team who wants access to and a free digital copy of the magazine.


Not an accounting expert? Simplify everyday accounting with ABA' s QuickBooks partnership. ABA members who are new to QuickBooks receive 30% off for 6 months (that's 20% more than the standard new member discount). Track income and expenses, send invoices, run reports, and more with QuickBooks various products and plans. To learn more please see ABA's Quickbooks partnership page

Satisfactory Printing

Satisfactory Printing is a locally owned and operated screen printing and design shop based in Athens, Georgia. The company offers complimentary graphic design with each order for T-shirts, tote bags, hats, enamel pins, patches, or just about any type of merch needed.

Booksellers are invited to reach out to Satisfactory Printing to set up a free custom online shop through which to sell products directly to customers. “Just pick your merch, promote your sale, and we'll do the rest,” says Satisfactory Printing.

Shelf Awareness

Shelf Awareness logoShelf Awareness is dedicated to promoting the success of indie bookstores which is why our leading daily newsletter, Shelf Pro, is focused on what’s happening in the ever-changing world of bookstores, booksellers, publishers and libraries. Sign up for free to get all the news, reviews, contest opportunities and other bookish features.

We also offer free personalized mailings for indie bookstores to help drive your customers to your store and website to purchase books. Our free, store branded e-mails:

  • feature your logo
  • link to your website
  • can pull in your event feed
  • connect to your social media
  • feature buy buttons that can link directly to your e-commerce 

We’ve added further customization to your mailings to help you make it your own, including the ability to highlight some of your favorite books and see the data behind your newsletter to find out what your customers are most interested in. 

Over 200 indie bookstores already use the weekly Shelf Awareness bookstore edition and the monthly Pre-Order E-blast to increase store visibility and connect with customers. Visit our Bookstore Partner page or write to us at for more information about the easy sign-up process. 

Transport Specialties International

Transport Specialties International (TSI) has launched a mailing service to help booksellers ship signed copies of books or any other bulk orders directly to customers’ homes.
Through the mailing program, TSI receives the books from the publisher; booksellers send TSI the recipient list; and TSI wraps, packs, and ships the books using the most secure and economical service. Mailing projects can be tracked in real time and shipping alerts can go directly to the customer.
Based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, TSI can be reached at (732) 698-0988 or

W.G. Ellerkamp

Supplier of IndieBound natural kraft recycled bags, with or without store customization, as well as reusable totes, biodegradable plastic bags, and specialized gift wrap for bookstores. ABA members receive a 25% discount on shipping.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags

These environmentally-friendly plastic bags offer an inexpensive alternative to paper bags. 

Recycled Paper Shopping Bags

Natural kraft recycled bags with IndieBound designs. Optional customization with your store logo is available.

  • Recycled Buy Local Shopping Bags Natural kraft recycled bags with WG Ellerkamp's exclusive Buy Local designs. Optional customization with your store logo is available.
  • Laminated Reusable Totes Our newly designed, better-quality, more colorful Laminated Reusable Totes with IndieBound designs and Buy Local information in the gussets. Optional customization with you store logo is available.
  • Special Bookstore Gift Wraps Imported directly from Switzerland or specially ordered domestically, these papers are fantastic! Hundreds of other papers are available as well.  All ABA members receive 15% of gift wrap purchases. 
  • Gift Card Folders A 3½" x 4¾" handmade paper folder designed for your store’s gift cards ….or anything else. Optional customization with you store logo is available.
  • Graeham Owens Paper Bookmarks and Journals  Designed exclusively for ABA, these handmade products feature popular IndieBound spirit lines. 

Order from W.G. Ellerkamp  Contact: Jack Ellerkamp, or call 800-805-0012 or 603-924-4000. Remember to mention that you are a member of ABA.

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Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.







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