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ABA members interested in selling ebooks can join the Kobo eReading program, and offer their customers more than five million titles. ABA members share in the revenue on every sale.

Sell Kobo eBooks in four steps:

  1. Visit the Kobo FAQ to learn everything about the program
  2. Read, sign and return to ABA the Kobo Participation Agreement.
  3. Read the Retail MAPP Policy, and Brand Guidelines
  4. Email a web-ready logo, following these guidelines, to kobosupport@bookweb.org.

Access the Kobo Reporting Tool Here for Customer Account and Transaction History

Kobo eReaders

O‚Äčn July 1, 2018, Kobo instituted a new process for ABA member stores to purchase eReaders to sell in-store or online. Stores will now use unique discount codes to purchase devices at a 5% discount.  Information on using discount codes can be found here.
All ABA bookstore members in good standing are eligible to participate Kobo’s eReader program. To receive discount codes, email Kobo-ABA-hardware@mail.rakuten.com.* You will receive a confirmation email along with INTERNAL and EXTERNAL discount codes from Kobo. A unique discount code is affiliated to each ABA member, and each code can be used multiple times by that store.
Stores can visit https://us.kobobooks.com to order in-store inventory with their internal discount code. Please note this URL has been updated, and a password is no longer required to enter the store.
The external discount code allows ABA members to promote Kobo hardware to their customers through an online affiliate program, with no inventory liability. External discounts codes are to be shared with your customers.
*Include your Kobo affiliate ID, ABA Member ID, store name, main contact email, address, and phone.

Kobo Quick Links
Kobo FAQ
Kobo Participation Agreement                                               
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-368-5390

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