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The Gift Card feature allows the store to create and sell gift cards, in any denominations, on the website. This makes it easy for stores to sell gift cards and is an excellent option for creating store gift cards through your website.
To request this feature please navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features and select ‘Gift Cards’.
We will send you confirmation that the ‘Gift Card’ module has been enabled. Once enabled you will have a new content type ‘Gift Card’ and be able to begin creating and selling gift card products.
Enabling the feature will also create a new shipping rate on your website labelled ‘Free Giftcard Shipping’. This shipping rate will only be offered to customers if they have gift card product items in their order. This rate will not appear if the customer has any additional items aside from gift cards. You can disable this rate if you wish by navigating to Store > Configuration > Shipping Quotes.


Once we have enabled the Gift Card feature on your website, you will be ready to start creating your own store gift card to sell online! 
  1. Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Gift Card
  2. Enter a name for your gift card - Example: Book Store Gift Card
  3. Enter a description (Optional)
  4. Click ‘Choose File’ to select a Gift Card image (Optional)
  5. Create a custom SKU - Example: BGC01
  6. The sell price  and list price should be set as $0.00. The gift card will automatically include the option for customers to select a denomination.
  7. Save
Your gift card has successfully been created! If you would like to accept your store gift cards as a form of payment during checkout, please read our corresponding help documentation on how to process store giftcards.
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