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If an order is in a ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’ state, and an item needs to be removed from the order, or the entire order needs to be canceled, this can be done with store administrator access or order admin access.

Navigate to: Store > Orders > View Orders

  • Remove Specific Items

    1. Select the ‘View’ button for the specific order
    2. Select the ‘Edit’ tab
    3. Click the red 'x' to the left of the item(s) that need to be removed
    4. Re-calculate the shipping quote by clicking ‘Get Shipping Quotes’ (you need to take this step even if the shipping cost is $0.00)
    5. Choose the correct shipping method and click ‘Apply to Order’.
    6. Select ‘Submit Changes’ to save the changes you have made.

There should be new entries under the ‘Log’ tab reflecting your updates and the order can now be processed as usual. If the customer is paying with a credit card they will automatically be charged the new lower cost upon completion of the order.

  • Cancel the Entire Order

    1. Select the ‘View’ button for the specific order
    2. Confirm the current order status is ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’
    3. Change the order status to ‘Canceled’ (If you wish to send notification to your customer select the ‘Send E-mail notification on update’)
    4. Select Update

Once the page refreshes, you will see a message regarding the cancellation and a new admin comment. It is important you review the admin and order comments – ‘Order Updated’ message only means the order was updated in some way, it isn’t confirming the cancellation was successful. Read the admin comments carefully to confirm the update you wanted was made.

Canceling an Order with an Expired Credit Card Authorization (not yet charged): If you are unable to fulfill an older order and need to cancel the order, you may encounter an error message ('transaction not found') when attempting to cancel older orders.  This is because the original authorization has expired and the system failed while trying to 'void' that expired authorization. If you do encounter such a message, you can still cancel the order, however, you will first need to change the payment method to ‘Pay at Store’.

  1. Select the ‘Edit’ tab
  2. Change the ‘Payment Method’ from ‘Credit Card’ to ‘Pay At Store’
  3. Select ‘Submit Changes’

You should now be able to return to the ‘View’ screen and change the order status from ‘Pending’ or ‘Processing’ to ‘Canceled’, don’t forget to select ‘Update’.


Completed orders cannot be canceled, regardless of the payment method.

  • Payment Received -‘Payment Received’ secures the payment from the credit card, but in such a way that it is still reversible. When an order is marked as 'Payment Received', the customer's card is charged.

    1. Select the ‘View’ button for the specific order
    2. Confirm the current order status is ‘Payment Received’
    3. Change the order status to ‘Canceled’ (If you wish to send notification to your customer select the ‘Send E-mail notification on update’)
    4. Select Update 

             Admin comment should reflect the 'credit' transaction on the credit card.

The entire order is now canceled and the customer's card credited.

  • Completed (Credit Card)

    • If you are using the ABA shared account and the order is in a ‘Completed’ state, an ABA staff member will need to process this refund for you.
    • Email [email protected] a request to process the refund, include the order number, customer name, and the details of the refund (amount to be refunded, items, etc).

Once ABA has processed the refund, we will confirm via a response to your initial email, add an admin comment on the order and an email notification will be sent to the customer as well.


  • If you are using your own account, you will need to refund the customer directly through your own interface.
  • If it is a payment method other than credit card (PayPal, Gift Card, Pay at Store, etc.), the refund will need to be handled outside of your IndieCommerce site. When orders paid for with a Givex card are canceled, the amount is credited back to the Givex gift card. The same for Online Gift Code as well.


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