IndieLite 2021 Theme

The current default theme on your site is ‘IndieLite’. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to switch to the upgraded IndieLite 2021 theme.

Highlights of the IndieLite 2021 Theme

  • New color schemes with better contrast
  • Fonts that are ADA compliant
  • Redesigned header region
  • All regions and checkout panes stand out better

Gift Cards

The Gift Card feature allows the store to create and sell gift cards, in any denominations, on the website. This makes it easy for stores to sell gift cards and is an excellent option for creating store gift cards through your website.
To request this feature please navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features and select ‘Gift Cards’.

Must Have IndieLite Features for the Holidays

The features highlighted below are excellent additions to your IndieCommerce website, especially for the upcoming holidays! Our team has compiled the exciting list below to help stores maximize their productivity and efficiency while also offering new ways to display content and interact with customers. Please visit the corresponding help documents to learn more about each of these features!

Preferred / Chosen Name for Customers

The preferred name field is used for customers whose chosen or preferred name does not match their legal name. Enabling this field ensures that you are addressing your customers as they wish to be addressed. The preferred name option is also a way of respecting this component of an individual's identity, acknowledging the importance of inclusive language, and signaling your store's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.


To offer Paypal as a payment option you (the store) must have your own Paypal account. If you do not have one already you can create one here.  Once registration with Paypal is complete, please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features) to enable the Paypal module. We will confirm once the module has been enabled so that you may begin configuring it.

Processing Credit Card Orders

These are some advanced use cases for IndieLite stores who have switched to their own credit card processor. Switching to your own credit card processor allows you to further process and edit your orders with new actions. You will now be able issue multiple charges, edit payment received and completed orders, and issues partial refunds or charges.

Store Gift Card Checkout Pane

IndieLite stores can now use the Store Gift Card pane on their site to collect Store Gift Card information.  This is a custom pane that can be used on the checkout page for customers to enter their gift card number, rather than the number being entered into the order comments, making it easier to keep track of information.  Please keep in mind that all gift card processing and redemption will need to occur in-store.

Cart Settings

Your shopping cart is configured by default, however, there are settings you can adjust to alter the shopping experience for your customers.


  1. PANES

Block Title Link

The Block Title Link feature allows you to turn the title of a block into a link to direct customers to a page on your site.

NOTE: The feature is enabled by request only. Please navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information & Preferences > Store Features and submit a request for it to be enabled.

Navigate to Structure > Blocks > Select edit for the block you want to adjust the title for

Book Lists Grid

Responsive, mobile-friendly ‘View’ templates for book lists

3 out-of-the-box responsive, mobile-friendly Views to display book lists are readily available. All that needs to be done by the store staff are to edit the book lists and plug them into the views.

Website Best Practices

Creating a leading website takes thought and planning, a site is typically considered successful if it is well designed, useful and in e-commerce aspects, lucrative. While different stores each have different website needs, there are some best practices that are global to all sites. In this guide, we explain those best practices and have broken them down into 4 categories:


Wholesaler Fulfillment

Many stores have questions about why an order did or did not go to Ingram (the wholesaler), and why the 'Send to Ingram' button does not appear for certain orders.

Listed below are the conditions for when the ‘Send to Wholesaler’ button will not appear and what conditions will cause an order to not be sent automatically to the wholesaler, when that preference is enabled.

For a full list of eligibility criteria and more information about Ingram Fulfillment, please visit our FAQ.

Staff Reviews

Staff reviews can be added to all books and are especially useful when creating ‘Staff Pick’ pages.

‘Staff Reviews’ can be added two ways:


Navigate to: (or use the search feature to navigate to the book product page)

Fraudulent Orders

This documentation was modified on 11/12/2020.

Unfortunately, the Internet is not always a safe place, and fraudulent orders are becoming increasingly common.  Here are some red flags to watch out for, as well as simple steps you can take to verify suspicious orders.

Embedding Code

Embedding code into your website is usually fairly simple. However, we highly recommend you save a copy of the code locally as a TXT file (Notepad) so that you have it saved for future use.
Once you have obtained the embed code from its source (YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.), you will follow the steps below to add it to your page or block.



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