IndieLite 2021 Theme

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The current default theme on your site is ‘IndieLite’. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to switch to the upgraded IndieLite 2021 theme.

Highlights of the IndieLite 2021 Theme

  • New color schemes with better contrast
  • Fonts that are ADA compliant
  • Redesigned header region
  • All regions and checkout panes stand out better

Configuring the IndieLite 2021 Theme

Use the following steps to switch to the upgraded IndieLite theme - ‘IndieLite 2021’ (wait for the IC team to enable the Theme Key feature on your site)
  1. If you do not see ‘IndieLite 2021’ in the list of ‘Enabled Themes’, look for it under ‘Disabled Themes’ and Enable the theme. Important : You should ‘Enable’ the IndieLite 2021 theme, NOT ‘Enable and set default’
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Settings > IndieLite

    1. Copy the path for ‘Custom Logo’ and save it in notepad
    2. Copy the path for ‘Custom Icon’ and save it in notepad
    3. Copy the URLs for your social media settings and save it in notepad
    4. Make a note of all the settings under ‘Toggle Display
  3. Navigate to Appearance > Settings > IndieLite 2021

    1. Color Scheme

      1. Select the Color Scheme. All the settings for the preset color schemes are fixed, and cannot be changed.
    2. Toggle Display

      1. Enable the necessary checkboxes under ‘Toggle Display’ - Logo, Main Menu and Secondary Menu
    3. Logo Image Settings

      1. Uncheck ‘Use the default logo
      2. Paste the ‘Path to custom logo’ (that was copied from the IndieLite theme)
    4. Shortcut Icon Settings

      1. Uncheck ‘Path to custom icon
      2. Paste the ‘Path to custom icon’ 
    5. Social Icon

      1. Enable ‘Show Social Icon
      2. Paste the paths for the social media accounts
    6. Save Configuration
  4. Using ‘Theme Key’, set your account on the site to use the IndieLite 2021 theme.
  5. Make sure your site looks correct on the IndieLite 2021 theme
  6. Set the IndieLite 2021 theme as the default theme for the site

    1. Navigate to Appearance > Settings
    2. Set default’ for the IndieLite 2021 theme
  7. Congratulations!!
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