Coronavirus Resources for Booksellers

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COVID-19 Resources

The American Booksellers Association is monitoring the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and will provide updates and resources for booksellers here on an ongoing basis.

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Immediate Steps for Booksellers Infographic

Immediate Steps to Take During the COVID-19 Outbreak:


Resources for Reopening

Here are some suggestions for ways to improve employee safety and customer safety as stores look toward reopening, including a comprehensive list of where to source supplies like masks, hand sanitizer, signage, and more.


Publisher, wholesaler, and vendor support:

See current offers from publishers, wholesalers, vendors, and other industry partners. More detailed information on some of these offers is available on the COVID-19 Publisher Special Offers page in the Book Buyer's Handbook. ABA is lobbying for support for members, but we strongly encourage booksellers to contact their reps with individual requests. Publishers are asked to contact ABA CEO Allison Hill to share details about support they can offer; additionally, booksellers are invited to contact Hill with requests for the type of support that would be most helpful and ABA will relay that to publishers.


Opportunities for Financial Assistance:

(Note: For application purposes, the IRS business activity code for bookstores is 451211)

Additional information can be found on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance's list of COVID-19 relief.





At the Intersection of COVID-19 and Diversity:

Crisis affects every community differently, and COVID-19 is no different. One’s experience of the crisis will look completely different from another’s. We can all be mindful of this as we look to support those around us during this trying time. On the Intersection of COVID-19 and Diversity page, learn more about COVID-19 infections in diverse communities; resources for owners and staff; voices on the COVID crisis in diverse communities; and opportunities for financial assistance. Additionally, read through these strategies and tips for managing your mental health during the crisis.


Hosting Virtual Events:


​J​oin ​ABA’s virtual ShopTalk to share best practices, talk about business, & crowdsource ideas & solutions to problems. A special BIPOC-only meeting is held the second Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. ET. Check the upcoming calendar for upcoming sessions and login details.

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​Don't Box Out Bookstores — Get our #BoxedOut Assets here.

Read about the #SaveIndieBookstores campaign, which raised $1,239.595 to support independent booksellers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bookstore Status

Fill out this form to share your store's status so we have critical info for our lobbying and advocacy efforts. NOTE: This information is public. See fellow booksellers' responses here.

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