COVID-19 Email Archives

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Below is a list of ABA's recent emails to members regarding our efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak:

September 2020



9/21/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Roundup

9/18/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Roundup

9/14/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Roundup

9/11/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Talk to Binc

9/4/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Roundup


August 2020



8/31/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Roundup

8/28/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Roundup

8/24/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Roundup

8/21/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Roundup

8/17/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Roundup

8/14/20 ABA's Friday Update: Not to be Missed

8/10/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Sales, COVID Relief, and Events

8/7/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Events, Inspiration, and Ideas

8/3/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Resilience


July 2020



7/31/20 ABA’s Friday Update: The Antitrust Fight

7/27/20 ABA’s Monday Update: Amazon, Actions, & Events

7/24/20 ABA’s Friday Update: Roundup

7/20/20 Today’s Update: Action Items

7/17/20 Today’s Update: ABA Board Nominations Open & More

7/16/20 Today’s Update: Another Successful Children’s Institute

7/14/20 Today’s Update: See You at Ci8 Tomorrow!

7/13/20 Today’s Update: VOTE

7/10/20 Today’s Update: When Bookstore Staff Travels or Are Exposed to COVID

7/9/20 Today’s Update: Brief Survey

7/7/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

7/2/20 Today’s Update: Announcements


June 2020



6/30/20 Today’s Update: COVID Resources and Support

6/29/20 Today’s Update: Roundup and FAQ

6/26/20 Today’s Update: Weekend Reading

6/25/20 Today’s Update: New Thinking

6/23/20 Today’s Update: Steps Forward

6/22/20 Today’s Update: Learning & Listening

6/18/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

6/16/20 Today’s Update: IndieCommerce and IndieLite Fee Changes

6/15/20 Today’s Update: Vote

6/12/20 Today’s Update: Looking Ahead

6/9/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

6/8/20 Today’s Update: Register Now for Thursday’s Annual Meeting and Town Hall

6/5/20 Today’s Update: Annual Meeting and Town Hall

6/4/20 Today’s Update: Upcoming PPP Changes

6/2/20 Today’s Update: Round Up

6/1/20 Today’s Update: First Steps Toward Allyship

May 2020



5/29/20 Today’s Update: What’s on Your Mind

5/28/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

5/26/20 Today’s Update: Sales

5/22/20 Today’s Update: Rounding Out the Week

5/21/20 Today’s Update: Publisher Meetings, Part 3

5/19/20 Today’s Update: Publisher Meetings, Part 2

5/18/20 Today’s Update: Kicking Off the Week

5/15/20 Today’s Update: Publisher Meetings, Part One

5/14/20 Today’s Update: #ReadIndieForward

5/12/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

5/11/20 Today’s Update: Urgent Action Request

5/8/20 Today’s Update: Stillness

5/7/20 Today’s Update: Communication

5/5/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

5/4/20 Today’s Update: Small but Mighty

5/1/20 Today’s Update: Best Practices for What Comes Next


April 2020



4/30/20 Today’s Update: Announcements, Advocacy, Action Items & More

4/28/20 Today’s Update: Roundup

4/27/20 Today’s Update: Poetry

4/24/20 Today’s Update: End of Week Roundup

4/23/20 Today’s Update: Indie Bookstore Love

4/21/20 Today’s Update: Help Us Help You

4/20/20 Today’s Update: Relief Update

4/17/20 Today’s Update: Relief

4/16/20 Today’s Update: Cybersecurity

4/14/20 Today’s Update: Strange Days

4/13/20 Today’s Update: Best Practices for Our Times

4/10/20 Today’s COVID-19 Update: Introduction & Thanks

4/9/20 Today’s COVID-19 Update: FAQ

4/7/20 Today’s COVID-19 Update: Checking In

4/6/20 Today’s COVID-19 Update: Sustenance

4/3/20 Today’s COVID-19 Update: The End of Week Roundup


March 2020



3/31/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: An Important Repeat

3/30/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: The New Normal

3/27/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Weekend Homework

3/26/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: A Roundup

3/24/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Keep Calm and Carry On

3/23/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Government Relief

3/21/20 #SupportLocalNow in the Wall Street Journal

3/20/20 COVID-19 Alert: Bookstores as "Essential Services"

3/20/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

3/19/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Operating Behind Closed Doors

3/17/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Some Good News

3/16/20 Today's COVID-19 Update: Signs of Support

3/13/20 Immediate Steps to Take During the COVID-19 Outbreak


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