Indies First 2021



Get Ready for Indies First 2021

Creator of the new imprint Roxane Gay Books from Grove Atlantic and New York Times bestselling author, Roxane Gay will be promoting this year’s celebration of Indies First, which takes place on Small Business Saturday, November 27.


Here's how to make the most of Indies First:

  • Log into BookWeb to see a range of special publisher offers for booksellers.
  • Use social media assets and accompanying text created to promote the Indies First event with Roxane Gay on Thursday, November 18, at 7:00 p.m. ET on Zoom.
  • Share the registration link with customers and encourage them to make a donation to your store or buy a gift card.
  • Add a banner to your website to promote the Roxane Gay event. The banner should link to an event page on the store's site that includes the event registration link, a button to buy the book, and/or a button to donate to the store. For IndieCommerce stores, see how to create an event and add a book and donation product to the event using the book lists feature. Utilize additional holiday marketing assets to promote shopping local, gift cards, and more.
  • Promote gift cards! Encourage customers to give the gift that everyone wants and that invests in your store’s future — and the gift that’s COVID-disruption-proof in terms of supply chain. Check out some of these gift card promotional assets and accompanying language.
  • Ask some of your favorite and local authors to kick off Indies First and Small Business Saturday by promoting your store for the holidays or posting a short video for you to share.
  • Remind people to shop now, shop local, and put indies first.


Indies First Assets to Share


Follow news about Indies First in Bookselling This Week and via the hashtag #IndiesFirst on social media.

Inquiries about Indies First can be directed to


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