ABA Condemns President Trump’s Demand to Halt Publication of Wolff Book

    Lawyers for President Trump are demanding that publisher Henry Holt “cease and desist” from the publication of a new book by Michael Wolff about the president. The publisher has announced it will publish on January 5, and ABA CEO Oren Teicher has issued a statement calling the demand a “dangerous precedent” and strongly defending the publisher.

    Free Expression Groups Express Concern Over FOSTA

    The “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA) authorizes prosecutors to target websites that host sex trafficking advertisements and creates new civil liability for the sites.

    ALA Announces Top Ten Challenged Books in 2017

    The American Library Association has released its list of the books that were most frequently banned or challenged in schools or libraries in 2017.

    Banned Books Week Announces 2018 Theme

    The 2018 theme, “Banning Books Silences Stories,” serves as a reminder that everyone needs to speak out against censorship. 

    ABA Ramps Up Efforts Urging Release of Bookseller Detained in China

    Last month, Gui Minhai stated he wanted no help from any concerned nations or organizations, but many media outlets reported that it was likely his statement was coerced by the Chinese government.

    Protesters Attempt to Shut Down Author Event at Green Apple

    Protesters demanded that the bookstore cancel the scheduled in-store appearance of Francisco Cantú, a former Border Patrol officer who is promoting his debut memoir, The Line Becomes a River.

    NCAC’s Chris Finan Talks Free Speech at PubWest

    At the annual PubWest conference, National Coalition Against Censorship Executive Director Chris Finan spoke to publishers about the current state of free speech in the U.S. 

    ABFE Urges State Department to Step Up Efforts to Free Chinese Bookseller

    The American Booksellers for Free Expression asked the U.S. State Department to “redouble its efforts” on behalf of publisher/bookseller Gui Minhai, who has again been detained by Chinese authorities.

    ABFE Free Speech Report

    Over the past month, the American Booksellers for Free Expression has been busy working with free speech groups to oppose a number of attempts by schools or courts to censor books and to limit free speech.

    ABA Promotes David Grogan to Director of ABFE, Advocacy and Public Policy

    ABA’s David Grogan has been promoted to Director of ABFE, Advocacy and Public Policy, integrating the operation of the American Booksellers for Free Expression and ABA's advocacy work. 

    U.S. State Department Calls on China to Free Missing Bookseller

    The U.S. State Department has called on Chinese authorities to free Gui Minhai, a Chinese-born Swedish national and bookseller who was abducted by Chinese agents while traveling by train to Beijing.

    Trump’s Attempt to Halt Publication of Fire and Fury Sparks Condemnations, Spurs Sales

    The American Booksellers Association issued a statement calling the demand a “dangerous precedent” and strongly defended publisher Henry Holt & Co., which released the book early, on January 5.

    Polls Reveal Public’s Shrinking Support for First Amendment Rights

    Washington Post reporter James Hohmann’s recent blog post cites polls conducted since Donald Trump became president that show eroding public support for the First Amendment.

    Revolution Books Stands Up to the Alt-Right

    Revolution Books in Berkeley, California, has been standing strong in the face of attacks by alt-right activists attempting to intimidate the store’s customers and staff.

    Booksellers Mark Banned Books Week With Parties, Giveaways & More

    From September 24 to 30, indie booksellers across the country celebrated Banned Books Week and this year’s theme, “Our Right to Read.”


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