Free Expression

    A New Frontier in the Fight for Reader Privacy

    In his latest column, ABFE Director Chris Finan discusses why ABA has filed an amicus brief in the latest ACLU challenge to an NSA surveillance program. Reader privacy is at stake.

    BTW News Briefs

    Perseus Books Group back on the market; WNDB announces winner of first short story contest; Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition to honor Joyce Meskis

    Booksellers and Librarians File Brief in New NSA Case

    The American Booksellers for Free Expression has joined the American Library Association and other library groups in urging a federal court to limit the National Security Agency’s surveillance of international electronic communications, including those relating to the purchase and use of books.

    Celebrate Banned Books Week With Special Offers, Eye-Catching Displays

    Booksellers planning celebrations for Banned Books Week (September 27–October 3) can take advantage of an additional discount on a wide range of banned and challenged titles, as well as downloadable Banned Books Week-themed designs.

    Ingram Banned Books Week Promotion Starts Monday

    Just in time for this year’s Banned Books Week, the Ingram Content Group is offering an additional discount on a list of 450 banned and challenged titles on ipage®, Ingram’s search and order content platform.

    Delaware Approves Online Reader Privacy Law

    On January 1, 2016, a new law will go into effect in Delaware that requires all “book service providers” with online sales exceeding two percent of their gross sales to protect the privacy of customer information.

    Flyleaf Addresses “King & King” Controversy With All-Family Event

    Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is hosting an all-family story time and book drive on August 22 in response to a recent controversy over the book King & King, which led two educators at a nearby school to resign.

    Meet Booksellers’ Advocates for Free Expression and Public Policy Issues

    American Booksellers for Free Expression Director Chris Finan and ABA Senior Public Policy Analyst David Grogan discuss their roles advocating on behalf of ABA members.

    What the Polls Say About Free Speech in the United States

    In his monthly opinion column, ABFE Director Chris Finan looks at troubling results from recent polls on Americans’ understanding of their First Amendment rights as well as their feelings towards censorship.

    Organizing a Banned Books Week Event: A Q&A With Tom Campbell of The Regulator Bookshop

    Regulator Bookshop owner Tom Campbell talks to ABFE Director Chris Finan about how easy he found it to organize a program of readings by local authors and others from banned books, an event he plans to reprise for Banned Books Week.

    All-New Marketing Designs Unveiled for Banned Books Week

    Booksellers planning celebrations for Banned Books Week, which takes place this year from September 27 to October 3, can enhance their displays with a variety of all-new, downloadable Banned Books Week-themed designs for use on posters, bookmarks, T-shirts, and more. 

    311 Reasons to Celebrate Banned Books Week

    Though the reported number of book challenges has fallen, statistics do not give a full picture, says ABFE Director Chris Finan. “The reality is that censorship is still a problem in this country, and most of the victims are kids. Sometimes books are literally taken out of their hands.”

    Judge Blocks Arizona’s Nude Photos Law

    On Friday, July 10, a federal judge in Phoenix permanently blocked Arizona officials from enforcing a 2014 law restricting the display of nude pictures in books, newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet.

    European & International Booksellers Federation Reaffirms Support for Freedom of Speech

    At its annual conference in Brussels earlier this month, the European & International Booksellers Federation reaffirmed its “absolute” belief in and support for freedom of speech, of publishing, and of bookselling.

    Let Snowden Come Home: An Opinion Column

    ABFE Director Chris Finan expresses his personal belief that the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden should be dropped, allowing him to be tried for stealing government documents or another lesser crime.


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