16 Oct

Booksellers Overcoming Disaster

Here, the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation and LIBRIS insurance encourage booksellers to review a disaster checklist created to help stores and staff be prepared for disasters natural or otherwise.

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08 Nov

A Better, Stronger LIBRIS for Bookstore Business Insurance

The board of LIBRIS, the American Booksellers Association’s captive insurance subsidiary, voted recently to change its relationship with the company’s underwriter.

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16 May

LIBRIS Offers BookExpo Attendees a Chance to Win $50

LIBRIS, the insurance company created by ABA specifically to meet the needs of independent bookstores, is offering a special promotion for members attending BookExpo.

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03 May

LIBRIS Ready to Help Booksellers Interpret Lease Agreements

ABA’s LIBRIS insurance company can help protect bookstores from losses by making sure that store lease agreements include protections from certain types of claims, including slip, trip, and fall incidents.

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08 Nov

East Coast Booksellers Dry Out and Power Up

Several ABA member bookstores affected by last week’s hurricane are still working towards recovery. Among them are Bank Square Books, which has been closed due to severe flooding since last Monday, and New Jersey’s BookTowne, which has been closed for 10 days due to power failure.

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28 Sep

Disaster Preparedness 101: Flood Insurance

Most bookstores will never have to deal with severe flooding, but for those in high-risk areas, FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program offers coverage provided by national carriers that can be purchased through LIBRIS, the ABA insurance company, or another licensed broker.

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03 Mar

Insurance Talk: Why a Periodic Review Can Lower Your Costs

Here are four good reasons why you should undertake a periodic review of your insurance, explained by ABA’s newest affinity partner, Asset MarketPlace.

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23 Feb

Expanded Disability and Life Insurance Benefits Available to ABA Members

ABA members are now eligible for individual and/or company-wide benefit packages through Asset MarketPlace that include expanded income replacement (DI) and life insurance options.

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29 Jun

LIBRIS Announces Contest Winners

LIBRIS Business Insurance has announced the winners of its giveaway contest, held last month at BookExpo America in New York City.

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09 Jun

LIBRIS Offers Identity Theft Coverage to ABA Policyholders

 LIBRIS, the ABA insurance program, now provides member bookstore owners and their spouses with valuable Identity Fraud Expense protection from Travelers Insurance.

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11 Mar

LIBRIS Provides Internet Operations Insurance Coverage

Internet sales are integral to many bookstores' operations, and LIBRIS (League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services) understands that. Following last month's Winter Institute, where much of the focus was on how to promote online and e-book sales, several booksellers asked LIBRIS to clarify the coverage provided by ABA's insurance program. 

LIBRIS was developed to provide specialized coverage tailored to protect bookstores -- and that means insuring against Internet operations liability.

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10 Jan

Booksellers to Receive Near-Record LIBRIS Dividend

The American Booksellers Association has announced a near-record dividend for policyholders of its LIBRIS (League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services) insurance program. A dividend of three percent of a business' annual premium will be paid to participating ABA members at the end of February; non-ABA participants will receive a one percent dividend.

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09 Jul

LIBRIS Asks: Is Your Business Prepared for an Emergency?

Whether your bookstore has many employees and locations, or it's just a two-person operation, having a basic accident and emergency control program is good business. Here, the insurance professionals at LIBRIS (League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services), the ABA-owned insurance company, offer nine elements that should be addressed by an effective risk management program:

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