"Indies Take The Gold" Campaign To Counter Prime Days

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Indies Take The Gold: 

Where Every Indie Bookstore is a Victory

Indies Take The Gold July 16-17, 2024“Indies Take The Gold” is an engaging marketing campaign designed to celebrate the spirit of community and excellence of independent bookstores during the Summer Olympics. The campaign leverages the excitement of the games to promote independent bookstores and all that they offer. The goal is to highlight the value of shopping local, foster a sense of community pride, and encourage customers to support neighborhood indie bookstores. 

As Amazon Prime Days return, why settle for less? Indie Bookstores year after year earn gold medals in personal book recommendations, community support, local job creation, building relationships, and championing debut and diverse authors. So this Prime Day, July 16-17, encourage your customers to choose the gold standard. When they support indie bookstores, they experience the difference themselves.

Campaign marketing assets created by ABA are now available, including digital assets, in-store displays, and recommended messaging for newsletters and social media. 

While these assets provide a consistent brand for independent bookstores, booksellers can customize the messaging for their respective stores’ needs.

Visit the Marketing Assets page on BookWeb.org now to download these new designs.

Here are some ideas to incorporate the theme in your store:

  • Themed Displays

    • Books that have been named on Indies Next List and Kids’ Next List labeled as “Gold Medal Books”.

    • Books arranged into the Olympic rings, by the color of each ring.

  • Events

    • Create an Olympic Reading Challenge (or include as part of a Summer Reading Challenge)

    • Host book-related Olympic games like book trivia

    • Partner with local fitness or community centers

    • Set up a photo booth with trophies and a podium for customers to take pictures of their gold-standard book selections.