Meet Sara Lacey Graham, Executive Assistant at ABA

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ABA is excited to introduce Sara Lacey Graham, Executive Assistant, who joined us in July 2021.

Sara Lacey on a bench outside
Sara Lacey Graham

As an executive assistant, Sara Lacey is responsible for aiding in, tracking, and managing projects as assigned by the ABA CEO and COO; this could include anything from scheduling meetings to coordinating communications with bookstore members and publishers. Before joining the team at ABA, Sara Lacey pursued a Masters of Publishing at Emerson College. The focus was on the editorial process and the state of the book publishing industry today.

“Since I was a kid, indie bookstores have been my ideal escape from life; I found my love of reading (a more portable escape method) between their shelves,” Sara Lacey said. “I wanted to help replicate this feeling for others forever, and that’s why I was so excited to have a chance to directly work with the independent bookstores joined together by ABA.”

As a reader, Sara Lacey’s tastes are varied. “A common thread in my recent reads are narratives that will push me beyond my own perspective and lived experience. There are also some constants in rotation: an essay collection, an adult fantasy/science fiction novel, a novel about absurd people doing absurd things, a short story collection (bonus points if also absurd), a graphic novel, and a romance novel to round it out.”

“There is such a broad wealth of perspectives and experiences in our industry, and I feel lucky to be a part of the conversations we are having today,” Sara Lacey said. “I’m most looking forward to finally getting to connect with our members at Children’s Institute, which will be my first official ABA in-person event!”