Weekly Sales Reporting Changes

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ABA and NPD are making changes to some of the underlying technology of weekly sales reporting. Most stores that report via their Point of Sale (POS) system will need to make changes before May 20, 2022, to settings in their POS to continue reporting.

Stores using POS systems Anthology, Basil, Booklog, and iMRCHNT that have been reporting will be contacted by email with instructions and details specific to their store and POS system.

Stores using POS systems Bookmanager, IBID, and WordStock do not need to take any action as their details have been or will be updated by the support staff of their respective POS systems.

Stores reporting through BookWeb.org, either by File Upload or Manual Entry, do not need to make any changes.

Why you should report your sales:

Reporting your sales each week benefits your store and the indie bookstore channel as a whole.

  • Publishers need to see what titles resonate in the independent bookstore community, and the independent bookstore channel needs to demonstrate its importance in the industry as a whole.
  • Reporting impacts local and national bestseller charts and ultimately drives sales to independents.
  • Sharing your sales with NPD entitles your store access to BookScan, a leading industry tracking tool, offering insight into sales around the nation.
  • Reporting increases your participation as an ABA member and earns your store points toward receiving a bi-monthly box mailing, which includes ARCs and other promotional materials from publishers.

If you have any questions about these changes or report sales using another POS or method, you can contact ABA at bestsellers@bookweb.org.