Winter Institute

    Winter Institute’s New Localism Sessions Now on Video

    Booksellers can now watch videos of three Winter Institute 11 sessions on the New Localism movement: “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” “City Growth and Downtown Math,” and “The New Localism.”

    Wi11 Education Session Reveals Overall Trends in Book Retailing

    At the Winter Institute 11 education session “Overall Trends in Book Retailing,” Peter Hildick-Smith of Codex Group and Kristen McLean of Nielsen Book presented their latest data on trends in U.S. book retail.

    The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss

    Edelweiss/Above the Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares comments from panelists at the Winter Institute 11 session “The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss.”

    Ideas for Non-Author Events From Children’s Booksellers at Wi11

    At the Winter Institute session “ABC Presents: Non-Author Events for Picture Books, Middle Grade, and YA,” booksellers heard about successful, creative events for children that don’t feature a visiting author. 

    Browse the Backlist Book Swap Title List Now on BookWeb

    A complete list of the 344 favorite backlist titles shared by booksellers, publishers, and guests at the inaugural Backlist Book Swap at Winter Institute 11 in Denver is now available on BookWeb.

    Winter Institute Handouts Now on BookWeb

    ABA members can now visit BookWeb’s Education Curriculum page to browse all available handouts from education sessions held at Winter Institute 11 in Denver. 

    International Booksellers Follow Winter Institute With Work at Indie Bookstores

    After attending Winter Institute 11, New Zealand booksellers Kiran Dass and Helen Wadsworth and U.K. bookseller Jane Streeter spent a few days working alongside their American colleagues at bookstores in California and Colorado, respectively.

    Three Winter Institute 11 Plenary Presentations Now Available on Video

    Videos of the Winter Institute 11 plenary presentations by Martin Lindstrom, Kwame Alexander, and Amy Cuddy are now available online to ABA member booksellers.

    Wi11: Owners of Very Small Stores Share Event Management Tips

    At the Winter Institute 11 education session “Event Management for the Very Small Store,” owners and event coordinators from self-defined very small stores took home actionable tips on managing time, resources, publicity, and budgets for in-store and off-site events.

    Back and Forth: Backlist or the Body Politic? — A Letter From ABA President Betsy Burton

    ABA President Betsy Burton shares her method of facing the “problem” of returning to her bookstore from the Winter Institute with so many ideas to implement.

    Wi11: Bringing the Localism Movement to the Next Level

    The Wi11 panel discussion “The New Localism” brought together experts and thought leaders on local economies for a discussion about the next phase in the localism movement — evolving the movement from public discourse to public policy.

    Booksellers Share Tips on How to Start Working With Title I Schools

    At Winter Institute 11, a panel of booksellers discussed strategies for connecting with Title I coordinators in their local schools and making use of federal funding to provide a robust education for underserved students.

    New and Prospective Booksellers Find Inspiration, Camaraderie at Winter Institute

    Among the new and prospective booksellers at Wi11 were Rebecca George, who is opening Volumes Bookcafé in Chicago in a month, and Maggie and Wes Hansen, who are planning to open a bookstore in Austin, Texas, later this year.

    Wi11 Education Session Brings Human Resources to the Forefront

    Dr. John Sherlock, director of the Master of Science in Human Resources Program at Western Carolina University, led a discussion at Winter Institute 11 focusing on HR essentials for small businesses.

    The True Cost of Amazon Revealed in New Study

    At last week’s Winter Institute, Civic Economics and ABA released a groundbreaking new study, “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” which details the overall negative impact that Amazon has had on Main Street retailers and jobs, and the communities in which they are located, across the country.


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