Winter Institute

    Suggestions Sought for 2017 Winter Institute Speakers

    ABA encourages member booksellers and publishers to offer suggestions about authors and other professionals who would make enlightening and inspiring Winter Institute speakers.

    Experienced With Customer Loyalty Apps, Platforms? ABA Wants to Know

    To help formulate programming for Winter Institute 12, ABA would like to hear from booksellers who have experimented with customer loyalty apps or other online customer loyalty platforms.

    Indies Introduce Author Interviews Now on YouTube

    Five- to 10-minute interviews of Winter/Spring 2016 Indies Introduce authors, conducted by booksellers at Winter Institute 11, are now on ABA’s YouTube channel.

    Martin Lindstrom Consultation Inspires Changes at Avid Bookshop

    Following a Skype consultation with author and brand-building expert Martin Lindstrom, the staff at Avid Bookshop made changes in the interior and exterior of the store that have resulted in a boost in sales and many compliments from customers. 

    Off the Shelf’s Wi11 Backlist Book Swap Video Now Online

    Off the Shelf’s video compilation of bookseller interviews from Winter Institute’s first annual Backlist Book Swap is now available on YouTube. 

    Wi11 Panelists Weigh in on Working With Self-Published Authors

    Bookseller panelists at the Winter Institute 11 education session “Working With Self-Published Authors” shared best practices for creating partnerships that benefit both self-published authors and the bookstore’s bottom line.

    Wi11: Inventory Maintenance Strategies for Children’s Series

    At Winter Institute 11, an education session presented by the ABC Group at ABA looked at the special challenges that booksellers face in managing inventory for young readers’ series in both general interest and children’s bookstores. 

    Wi11: Tips for Creating a Bookstore Café

    Panelists at the Winter Institute 11 education session “Creating a Bookstore Café” shared tips and best practices for start-up, staffing, and overall management of a café.

    Wi11: Booksellers Share Tips for Getting the Most Out of ARCs

    At a Winter Institute education session presented by the ABC Children’s Group, a panel of booksellers and publishers offered tips for repurposing advance reading copies to generate sales while staying within publishers’ guidelines for sharing ARCs.

    Winter Institute’s New Localism Sessions Now on Video

    Booksellers can now watch videos of three Winter Institute 11 sessions on the New Localism movement: “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” “City Growth and Downtown Math,” and “The New Localism.”

    Wi11 Education Session Reveals Overall Trends in Book Retailing

    At the Winter Institute 11 education session “Overall Trends in Book Retailing,” Peter Hildick-Smith of Codex Group and Kristen McLean of Nielsen Book presented their latest data on trends in U.S. book retail.

    The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss

    Edelweiss/Above the Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares comments from panelists at the Winter Institute 11 session “The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss.”

    Ideas for Non-Author Events From Children’s Booksellers at Wi11

    At the Winter Institute session “ABC Presents: Non-Author Events for Picture Books, Middle Grade, and YA,” booksellers heard about successful, creative events for children that don’t feature a visiting author. 

    Browse the Backlist Book Swap Title List Now on BookWeb

    A complete list of the 344 favorite backlist titles shared by booksellers, publishers, and guests at the inaugural Backlist Book Swap at Winter Institute 11 in Denver is now available on BookWeb.

    Winter Institute Handouts Now on BookWeb

    ABA members can now visit BookWeb’s Education Curriculum page to browse all available handouts from education sessions held at Winter Institute 11 in Denver. 


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