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12 May

E-Fairness, Minimum Wage, Healthcare Questions? Schedule an Advocacy Appointment for BEA

ABA members are invited to schedule a time to talk to Senior Public Policy Analyst David Grogan at BEA about any public policy issues impacting their businesses.

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06 May

ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell Urges Progressive Caucus to Support Local Economies

Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, recently testified at a Congressional Progressive Caucus forum on how federal public policy is skewed to favor big corporations and places small businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

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07 May

ABA Launches Minimum Wage Legislative Tool Kit

To assist booksellers in advocating for minimum wage policies that take into account the economic realities of independent retailing, ABA has created the Minimum Wage Legislative Tool Kit.

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30 Apr

E-Fairness Bills in Louisiana Unanimously Clear Ways & Means Committee

On Tuesday, the Louisiana House Ways & Means Committee held a hearing on affiliate nexus bills that would require remote retailers to collect and remit sales tax in the state. Testifying in support of the bills was ABA member Tom Lowenburg of Octavia Books.

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29 Apr

Ohio Booksellers Urged to Call on Governor to Support E-Fairness

ABA is urging booksellers to follow up a letter sent by B&N CEO Michael P. Huseby and ABA CEO Oren Teicher to Ohio Gov. John Kasich with their own letters calling for an e-fairness solution in the state.

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22 Apr

Equity-Based Crowdfunding: The Answer for Small Business Capital?

The SBA Office of Advocacy has released an issue brief that examines the potential impact of new SEC rules for equity-based crowdfunding, which are expected to be released this fall.

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16 Apr

Barnes & Noble and ABA Join Again on Sales Tax Fairness

This week, ABA CEO Oren Teicher and B&N CEO Michael P. Huseby sent a letter to Ohio Gov. John Kasich calling for a state sales tax fairness solution.

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15 Apr

HarperCollins and Amazon Reach New Sales Agreement

On Monday, HarperCollins announced it had reached an agreement that would ensure its print and digital books would continue to be available through Amazon.

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09 Apr

State Takes Up Justice Kennedy’s Challenge to Rewrite Nexus

With the outlook on federal sales tax fairness unclear, a Washington State lawmaker has introduced legislation that he believes could lead the U.S. Supreme Court to re-evaluate nexus in states.

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09 Apr

HarperCollins/Amazon Contract Negotiations Subject of Speculation

Following early April media reports that HarperCollins and Amazon had yet to reach a new contract agreement, Publishers Lunch reported on Wednesday that HarperCollins is moving to a full agency model for e-book sales as of midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 14.

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