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16 May

Bookstore Sales Lag Behind Overall Retail

Preliminary March sales figures of $1,122 million were 3.7 percent off the $1,165 million of the previous March. While not a significant drop, it is disappointing when compared with bookstore performance over the last two years and when compared with overall retail recently.

Overall March retail sales for 2002 came in 2.8 percent over the $288 billion realized in March of 2001.

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09 May

Bookstore Sales Down First Time in Two Years

After 24 months of uninterrupted growth, bookstore sales dropped below their performance of a year ago. Preliminary February sales figures of $1,066 million lagged 8.3 percent behind the $1,163 million of February 2001. This decrease is in stark contrast to the nearly 29 percent increase in sales shown in January of this year.

For the same period, overall retail managed a modest increase. Overall sales of $263 billion for February were 3.5 percent over the $254 billion for the previous February.

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18 Apr

Independents Hold Market Share for 2001; Market Share by Dollar Grows

According to recently released figures on adult trade books from market information provider Ipsos-NPD, independent bookstores in 2001 maintained market share, and accounted for 14.8 percent of the adult trade market, as measured by unit sales. This is the third year in a row that independents have maintained an approximate 15 percent market share. These sales were achieved even as the total number of independent bookseller members in ABA declined by approximately 20 percent in 2001.

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18 Mar

Bookstore Sales Off to a Strong Start

Bookstore sales surged in January, continuing the strong performance of the previous month. The preliminary January sales figure of $2,252 million eclipsed the $1,771 million performance of January 2001 by a whopping 27.2 percent. This bookstore gain was particularly impressive when compared with the insignificant sales increase for overall retail in January. Overall retail sales of $266 billion for the month were just three percent more than the $258 billion in sales recorded in January 2001.

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07 Mar

Independent Bookstores With Book Sense Continue With Sales Increases

A substantial majority of independent bookstores participating in the Book Sense national marketing program saw sales increases in 2001 over 2000, according to a recent ABA survey. Among those stores in the Book Sense program responding to the survey, 63 percent reported sales increases for the year. Over half of the stores noted increases of more than five percent. For the 2001 holiday season, 66 percent of the bookstores reported increases over a strong 2000 holiday season.

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21 Feb

Bookstore Sales Surge in December

Bucking an uncertain economy, bookstore sales for December closed out the year 2001 on a strong note. Preliminary December sales of $2,291 million were 9.6 percent ahead of the $2,090 million sales for December of 2000.

Bookstore sales continued to outperform overall retail. Preliminary overall retail sales of $339 billion amounted to a slim 3.0 percent gain for December over the $329 billion in sales recorded the previous December.

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22 Jan

November Bookstore Sales Hold Up Well

Bookstore sales in November remained resilient in the face of difficult economic conditions, registering a 5.9 percent increase over the previous November. Preliminary sales of $1,282 million for November 2001 compared favorably with the $1,211 million performance of November 2000.

November bookstore sales outperformed overall retail for the same period. Preliminary overall November retail sales of $299 billion were 4.9 percent better than the $285 billion in sales recorded the previous November.

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04 Jan

October Bookstore Sales Remain Healthy

Bookstore sales for October reflected healthy growth in a period of economic uncertainty, exceeding sales for the previous October by a solid 6.8 percent. Preliminary sales of $1,187 million for October 2001 compared favorably with the $1,111 million performance of October 2000.

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30 Nov

September Bookstore Sales Manage Modest Growth

Considering the events of September 11, bookstore sales in September must be considered quite respectable, as they managed to exceed sales for the previous September by 6.7 percent. Preliminary sales of $1,621 million for September 2001 compared favorably with the $1,519 million performance of September 2000.

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