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07 Aug

Ci7 Education: Marketing Events to Ensure a Home Run

Booksellers shared information about opportunities for advertisement; areas for potential partnerships for cross-marketing; marketing timelines; using social media to maximize your posts’ impact; and more.

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07 Aug

Sign Up to Join ABA’s August 8 Marketing Meetup, August 13 Technology Meetup

ABA now offers two opportunities for live online education: a twice-monthly Marketing Meetup and a monthly Technology Meetup. All booksellers are invited to participate in these online conversations.

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31 Jul

ABA’s Marketing Meetups Offer Booksellers a Forum for Learning and Networking

“Booksellers don’t have time to reinvent things, so borrow from your friends and colleagues who are also super smart and passionate about our industry,” says Jessica Hahl of Country Bookshelf.

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30 Jul

Marketing Meetup Recap: Marketing Multi-Store Events

In this session, bookseller speakers discussed Independent Bookstore Day and how regional businesses can put together bookstore crawls and passports.

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29 Jul

Sign Up to Join ABA’s August 8 Marketing Meetup

In the second of two meetups on how to organize and market multi-store events, bookseller speakers will discuss Independent Bookstore Day in addition to other shop local events, such as Find Waldo Local and Here’s Harry.

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24 Jul

Sign Up to Join ABA’s July 25 Marketing Meetup

In the first of two meetups on how to organize and market multi-store events, bookseller speakers will focus on Independent Bookstore Day and how regional businesses put together bookstore crawls and passports. 

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17 Jul

Sign Up to Join ABA’s Marketing, Technology Meetups

These live online discussions feature expert booksellers sharing tips, tricks, advice, and insight with attendees.

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17 Jul

Marketing Meetup Recap: Catching the Romance Reader

Here are some of the tips the speakers shared on how indie booksellers can better welcome and promote romance books in their stores.

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08 Jul

July 11 Marketing Meetup to Look at “Catching the Romance Reader”

Bookseller speakers will share how they have delved into the world of romance through book clubs, pop-up shops, dreaming up annual celebration days, and generally being romance-friendly.

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01 Jul

Sign Up for July 11 Marketing Meetup on “Catching the Romance Reader”

During this Marketing Meetup, booksellers will hear about strategies for marketing romance titles in their stores.

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27 Jun

Join the July 11 Marketing Meetup on “Catching the Romance Reader”

Attending booksellers will hear about best practices for marketing to the romance reader, get suggestions for planning events around romance books, and learn where to source romance title recommendations.

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26 Jun

Marketing Meetup Recap: Offering Printing & Publishing Services to Your Local Community

The online discussion featured guest speakers Josh Floyd of IngramSpark, Paul Hanson and Annabelle Barrett of Village Books, and Haley Chung of Politics & Prose.

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20 Jun

Spots Open for IngramSpark Marketing Meetup on June 20

During the video discussion, booksellers will hear from two independent bookstores that are offering printing, publishing, and author services to their local communities.

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12 Jun

Taping Dates Available for #HarperCollinsLovesIndies Facebook Live Program

Participating stores will create a streaming Facebook Live video on a select Thursday that features store staff talking about titles they have been reading, loving, and recommending. 

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11 Jun

Marketing Meetup Recap: Best Practices for Marketing Sidelines

“We like to keep it relevant. We don’t ever want someone to walk in and say, ‘Is this a gift store or a bookstore?’” said Nicole Sullivan of BookBar.

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