International Cat Day Interview with Stacks

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Tuesday, August 8, is International Cat Day! We brought in ABA Mascot Stacks for an exclusive interview. 

What does International Cat Day mean to you?

I don’t understand. Every day is International Cat Day.

What is your favorite book?

Romeow and Juliet or The Great Catsby. It’s hard for me to read, but I love a good audiobook! 

Will you be doing anything for Book Lovers Day (August 9) or National Relaxation Day (August 15)?

I will be taking a nap. On a book. An open book that someone is trying to read is ideal. The pages are soft, the book smells nice, the human will pet me, and I just like being part of the experience. 

You’ve had a busy year. You were the center of our 2022 fall marketing and you’ve appeared at Independent Bookstore Day and all our Institutes. What can we expect to see in the future?

I’ve been in the garden a lot lately. Well, the human’s garden. I supurrvise. We're trying to support the local ecosystem and be a little more sustainable. 

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