7 Ways Stores Can Prepare for Book Lovers Day

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While every day can be considered Book Lovers Day, the national celebration is on August 9, 2022! While customers have this great resource from NetGalley, we wanted to provide stores options to get in the spirit of the day and encourage customers to put down their phones and celebrate reading and literature.

Here are a few ideas to consider implementing for your bookstore:

Share your favorite books

Whether on social media in a fun video, a display in store, or a collection on your store’s website, share those books you and your team cannot get enough of. You can even highlight some of your customers if they are willing to share their favorite books!

Set up a Book Donation

Partner with schools and community centers to see where there is a need for donated books. Leading up to or on Book Lovers Day, encourage customers to purchase their favorite books to share with their local community.

Partner with your local Silent Book Club chapter

Known as the bookworm happy hour, Silent Book Club is a way to bring readers together to do what we do best: read! Silent Book Clubs feature a dedicated allotment of time to read whatever one wants, preceded or followed by sharing book recommendations and what folks brought (or just bought) to read!

Promote Banned Books

Some of the books we love are facing book bans! Check out our latest infographic resource, 5 Ways Bookstores Can Fight Book Bans, and promote the right to read.

Host an in-person or virtual party

Who doesn’t love a party? Some ideas include:

●      A wrapped book exchange
●      Special storytime or reading
●      A write your own book workshop
●      A book adapted to film screening
●      Post-it note wall of favorite books from customers

Collaborate with other local businesses or bookstores

Maximize the impact of shopping indie by partnering with other bookstores in your area or with another local business — maybe a local coffeeshop or bakery, a toy store, a stationary shop or craft store. Book lovers can emerge from any hobby in which they want to learn more!

Send out a press release

No matter how your store is celebrating, share your news and events through a press release. Send the press release to your media contact list, since you never know when local media will pick up your story and highlight your store!