The Future Is Indie Campaign Continues For The Fall!

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The momentum of #TheFutureIsIndie campaign continues with our fall pre-holiday shopping campaign: “Plant the Future You Want To See; Shop Local, Shop Indie.” Embracing the season of change, this campaign aims to sow the seeds of a brighter literary future by encouraging book lovers to support local, independent bookstores.

Amidst the crisp air and falling leaves, our campaign reminds readers of the immense power that lies within their individual choices. By choosing to shop independent bookstores, they contribute to the nurturing of a vibrant literary ecosystem, one that thrives on the passion and dedication of independent booksellers.

It's about planting the seeds of a sustainable future: Supporting local businesses bolsters the backbone of communities, enabling them to prosper and grow. By choosing to shop indie, readers are not just buying a book — they're investing in the soul of their neighborhood.

Each purchase made at an independent bookstore is a seed planted for the future we want to see: one where small business, authors, and readers flourish, and our literary landscape and communities thrive and blossom.

ABA’s campaign marketing assets are now available, including digital assets, in-store displays, and recommended messaging for newsletters and social media.

While these assets provide a consistent brand for independent bookstores, booksellers can customize the messaging for their respective stores’ needs.

Visit the Marketing Assets page on now to download these new designs.

This article was written by Marketing Manager Courtney Wallace, and was assisted by AI. While this is an example of how ChatGPT and other AI can be used, we encourage you to check out 5 Steps for AI and Your Store.