Independent Bookstores are Thriving

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    Resurgence of the Local Bookstore (Palm Beach Florida Weekly, August 16,2018)

    After decades of disappearing, indie bookstores bounce back (WRAL / Raleigh-Durham, April 1, 2018)

    Independent Streak: Against the odds, small book stores are on the rise (The Valley Advocate, July 5, 2018) 

    Second edition of independent bookstores (Utica Observer-Dispatch, July 4, 2018)

    New ownership group for A Room of One's Own knows its way around bookstores and includes author Patrick Rothfuss (Wisconsin State Journal, June 14)

    Indie bookstores and Barnes & Noble find common ground (SFGate, May 29, 2018)

    Indie Bookstores Defied Amazon. Who's Next? (HowStuffWorks, May 23, 2018)

    Independent bookstores in New Jersey are thriving, but how? (New Jersey 101.5, May 21, 2018)

    The stores that have thrived amid the retail apocalypse - The ranks of the independent bookstore have grown (MarketWatch, May 15, 2018)

    Columbus Bookstores Have Independent Spirit (Columbus CEO, May 7, 2018)

    Why Detroit's independent bookstores matter -- and have been steadily growing (Model D, May 1, 2018)

    Once-endangered Bookstores are Booming Again (CBS News, April 23, 2018)

    Why The Number Of Independent Bookstores Increased During The 'Retail Apocalypse' (All Things Considered, March 29, 2018)

    An NPR Planet Money segment from "The Indicator" on how independent bookstores reinvented themselves for retail success. (March 22, 2018)

    The New York Times looks at the robust range of independent bookstores in New York City (March 13, 2018)

    Literati Bookstore Marks A New Chapter For Ann Arbor (Forbes, February 6, 2018)

    How to run a bookstore in the Amazon era: Grit lit, supper club and a store on wheels (Charleston Post and Courier, January, 21, 2018)

    As e-book sales fall and audiobooks rise, print still dominates for local booksellers (Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2018)

    How independent bookstores thrived in spite of Amazon (Quartz, November 26, 2017)

    Why Independent Bookstores Have Thrived in Spite of Amazon (Harvard Business School, November, 2017)

    North Hills Bookstore Fills Void Amid Digital Age (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 3, 2017)

    How One Bookstore is Winning at Holiday Sales (Inc. Video, November, 2017)

    Magic City Books bringing the love of reading to Tulsa Arts District (Tulsa World, October 31, 2017)

    Northeast Ohio bookstores write a new chapter (Crain's Cleveland Business, September 2017)

    Local indie bookstores alive and kicking. (The BulletinSeptember 2017)

    Indie Bookstores embrace the side hustle. (Citylab, September 2017)

    Briggs: Amazon didn't kill bookstores. They're making a comeback. (IndyStar, July 2017)

    The Cape's independent bookstores know what you want (The Boston Globe, July 2017)

    Pasadena, Whittier bookstores and record stores enjoying a Millenial-led resurgence in sales (Pasadena Star News, July 2017)

    How Did Independent Bookstores Avoid Going Extinct? (Annotated podcast, July 2017)

    Amazon Was Supposed To Have Crushed Bookstores. So Why Are Indie Bookshops Booming In D.C.? (, July 2017)

    Bookstores, the Amazon resistance (New York Daily News, July 2017)

    New independent bookstore owners embracing the bright side (Flagstaff Business News, May 2017)

    NYC bookstores making a comeback (amNewYork, May 2017)

    Bravo for Books (The Sun Herald, April 2017)

    New DC bookshop is part of independent bookstores comabck (The SunHerald, April 2017)

    New York is Short on Bookstores but Independent Owners are Changing That (New York Post, April 2017)

    New Carroll Gardens bookstore opens (Brooklyn Paper, May 2017)

    Literary Culture Alive and Well in Cincy Bookstores  (Soap Box Media, March 2017)

    Local independent bookstore owners find success with author events (Crain's Detroit Business, January 2017)

    Who's Surviving in the Publishing Evolution? Indie Bookstores (Good eReader, January 2017)

    There is a Reason Why Indie Bookstores Are Thriving (The Huffington Post, January 2017)

    Indie Bookstores Are On the Rise Again (Tampa Creative Loafing, January 2017)

    What is Takes to Open a Bookstore (New York Times, November 2016)

    Haight’s Booksmith Thriving After National Big-box Shakeout (San Francisco ChronicleOctober 2016)

    Why Independent Bookstores in Seattle are Thriving (Seattle Magazine, October 2016)

    The Neighborhood Bookstore's Unlikely Ally (The New York Times, October 2016)

    People are Still Buying Books in Indie Bookstores (Forbes, August 2016)

    How Beaverdale Books is beating the odds (The Des Moines Register, July 2016)

    In Portland, a plot twist for independent booksellers (Portland Press Herald, July 2016)

    Indie Bookstores Stake a Claim in Printed Universe (Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 2016)

    Judy Blume on Why Independent Bookstores are Thriving (The Guardian, May 2016)

    Independent Bookstores Remain on a Roll (AP, May 2016)

    Physical Books Making Strong, Quiet Comeback (Daily Camera, May 2016)

    Bookstores Show Small Biz How It's Done (USA Today, April 2016)

    Independent Bookstores Adapt to Keep Customers (The Mercury News, April 2016)

    Independent Bookstores Find Success by Creating Unique Experience (Denver Post, April 2016)

    Independent Bookstores Thrive on Long Island (Long Island Report, April 2016)

    New Model for Independent Bookstores (Wall Street Journal, April 2016)

    Berkeley's Independent Bookstores Survive, Thrive (Berkeleyside, March 2016)

    Savoy Bookshop the New Jewel in Westerly, RI Crown (The Day, March 2016)

    Bookstores Make an Unlikely Comback on Long Island (Long Island Business News, March 2016)

    Parnassus Books Hits the Road, with Dogs in Tow (New York Times, March 2016)

    Can Indie Bookstore Survive and Thrive in 2016 in NJ? (, March 2016)

    Indie Bookstores are Back, With a Passion (New York Times, Feb. 2016)

    Surviving Independent Bookstores Showing New Signs of Life (Hartford Courant, Feb. 2016)

    Today's Must Read for Entrepreneurs (Forbes, Feb. 2016)

    Good Service, Atmosphere Keeps Indie Retailers in the Game (Town, Feb. 2016)

    Seward Park, Meet Your New Bookstore (Seattle Times, Feb. 2016)

    Ann Patchett on the Return of Independent Bookstores (Wall Street Journal, January 2016)

    In NW, an Indie Bookstore with a Twist (The Washington Post Magazine, October 2015)

    Copperfield's Bookstore Writing Its Own Story (The Press Democrat, October 2015)

    A Print Renaissance (NPR, September 2015)

    Betting on Books in Southern New Jersey (, September 2015)

    E-Book Sales Slip, and Print is Far From Dead (The New York Times, September 2015)

    A New Chapter for Independent Bookstores (

    Independent Booksellers Continue to Add New Stores (AP)

    Staying Local May Save Independent Book Sellers (Deseret News)

    The Rise of the Independent Bookstore (Huffington Post)

    Independent Bookstores on the Rise Despite Digital Competition (Michigan Public Radio)

    Return of the Great American Indie Bookstore (American Way)

    The Few, the Proud, the Independent Bookstores (The Daily Beast)

    Amazon and E-Books Can't Kill Our Indie Bookstores, on Bustle.

    The Rise of the Independent Bookseller in the Time of Amazon on Buzzfeed.

    Assessing the Health of Independent Bookshops (New York Times, Feb 2015)

    The Return of the Great American Bookstore, in American Airlines magazine.

    Bill Clegg’s upcoming novel gets special push at booksellers conference (Washington Post)

    Chicagoans of the Year in Literature: Local bookstores -- new and established -- are the foundation for a vital book community (Chicago Tribune)

    New Republic Urges Government Action to Stop Amazon (Bookselling This Week)

    Indie Bookstores Aren't Dead -- They're Making A Comeback (Huffington Post)

    A Local Bookstore Beats the Odds (Valley News)

    Why Indie Bookstores are on the Rise Again (Slate)

    The Independent Bookstore Lives! Why Amazon’s Conquest Will Never be Complete (Salon)

    The Novel Resurgence of Independent Bookstores (Christian Science Monitor)

    Independent Bookstores Turn a New Page on Brick-and-Mortar Retailing (Washington Post)

    How 'Indie' Bookstores Survived (and Thrived) [The Atlantic]

    ABA CEO and Board Named PW Person of the Year (Publishers Weekly)

    The Bookstore Strikes Back (The Atlantic)

    The Indie Bookstore Resurgence (Fortune)

    An Independent Bookstore Rises on the Upper West Side (Wall Street Journal)

    Signs of Literary Life for Two Booksellers on the Upper West Side (New York Times)

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