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Middle Grade

  • City Girls, Loretta Lopez
    Triangle Square, 9781644213421, March 12, 2024 (Middle Grade)

    “This is a rare story where three young girls all battle through their own heartbreaking problems, and their parents’ & caregivers’ (immigration, divorce, cancer) and are still able to find joy in each other’s friendship. There is more than meets the eye with each of them, and the three stories come together tenderly and beautifully.”

    —Paul Swydan, The Silver Unicorn Bookstore, Acton, MA

    “A smart and thoughtful story about the challenges of growing up, and the ways we see ourselves and each other. The three girls, Elisa, Lucia, and Alice, all feel so real in their hopes, fears, and struggles. A very moving debut!”

    —Ann Branson, Beach Books, Seaside, OR

    “Lopez spins three connected stories of young women who are all dealing with big shake ups in their lives. It’s a reminder to readers that none of us know what anyone else is going through and what is presented to the world can’t be counted on as accurate. I love the perspectives and topics presented in City Girls. So many young people will be able to identify with Alice, Elisa, and Lucia.”

    —Andi Richardson, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA


    “Warning: don’t read this in public. You’ll find yourself crying profusely, cursing, and ready to go to war for the girls in this story. City Girls is a very honest and powerful reminder that adults aren’t the only ones who experience tribulation, and that each child has their own story to tell. I am excited to see it in schools, libraries, and indie bookstores!”

    —Maryan Liban, Cover to Cover Books for Young Readers, Columbus, OH

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