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Young Adult

  • Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens, Tanya Boteju
    Simon Pulse, 9781534430655, May 7, 2019 (Young Adult)


    “Nima is madly in love with her straight girlfriend, but when those feelings aren’t reciprocated, Nima’s feet lead her into the world of macho drag kings and diva queens, where she learns love, acceptance, and identity. Hysterical, heartfelt, and wholly relatable to the LGBT community, this book will be a standout debut in a sub-genre of novels gasping for a champion."

    Nichole Cousins, White Birch Books (North Conway, NH)


    “Boteju’s heartfelt debut of aches, mistakes, and heartbreaks will captivate lovers of realistic YA as Nima trips painfully through first loves, abandonment, and her own cloying sense of inadequacy. Yet for all her teenage awkwardness, Nima’s journey is full of warmth and growth and ever-wider possibility—of letting go, taking chances, and moving forward.”

    Heather Smith, Linden Tree Children’s Books (Los Altos, CA)


    “Wondering. Becoming. Testing boundaries, blurring lines. Small-town girl Nima stumbles into a community that shows her a new way to be her truest self. Drag kings, pixie poets, and a divine queen fairy godmother help Nima begin to heal her wounded heart, find her voice, and open up to the possibility of real love. And fabulous outfits.”

    Alicia Michielli, Talking Leaves...Books (Buffalo, NY)

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