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Young Adult

  • Stay Gold, Tobly McSmith
    HarperTeen, 9780062943170, May 26, 2020 (Young Adult)

    "Funny and enjoyable. Stay Gold is the classic boy-meets-girl romantic comedy with characters that break the traditional tropes of a rom-com. When Pony transfers schools to get a fresh start with his gender identity he falls for Georgia. Trans characters are treated with respect and given full personality beyond ‘being trans’ which was refreshing for me as a non-binary reader. Gold star for Stay Gold."

    Riley Davis, Next Chapter Booksellers (St. Paul, MN)

    “Pony, a transgender teen boy starting at a new school, and Georgia, a popular cheerleader, form an instant bond on the first day of school. From there, the story alternates viewpoints between these two unique voices, filled with authenticity and humor, as they navigate the fraught choice between being who they are and being who people think they’re supposed to be. Written with a deft hand by Tobly McSmith, Stay Gold is a poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes harrowing coming-of-age story with an emotional heft that will resonate long after you put down the book.”

    Nathan Halter, Lahaska Bookshop (Doylestown, PA)

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