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  • The Davenports, Krystal Marquis
    Dial Books, 9780593463338, January 31, 2023 (Young Adult)

    “In the fleeting moment of American history following Reconstruction, formerly enslaved people sought the ‘American Dream.’ This YA historical romance (with definite crossover appeal!) follows the wealthy Davenport family in 1910 Chicago Black high society. Varied perspectives across class lines flesh out their world fully. Believable, engaging, realistic — I haven't been able to stop talking about The Davenports!”

    - Tory Hall, Chapters Books & Gifts, Seward, NE


    “Fans of Downton Abbey will gobble up this historical YA novel featuring young African American women navigating a changing world beyond their somewhat sheltered upbringing. Opulent scenes, complicated romances — the only downside for me was that apparently it’s a series and I want the rest already!”

    - Earl Dizon, Green Bean Books, Portland, OR



    “Prepare to be captivated, entranced, and inspired by these four memorable young women. This novel exceeded all of my expectations as we follow their individual journeys of love and independence.”

    - Kaliisha Cole, Whitelam Books, Reading, MA



    The Davenports is an absolute delight and a fantastic addition to any historical YA shelf thanks to its exploration of Black history and success at the turn of the century. I adored watching the four leading ladies learn, grow, and own their mistakes and struggles as they fall in love and seek out their own paths, whether the plans they make are proper or not.”

    - Gabriella Crivilare, Prairie Fox Books, Ottawa, IL

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