Did You Miss the Year-End Bestsellers?

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For booksellers looking for a way to highlight the top-selling titles of 2007 at Book Sense stores nationwide, last week the American Booksellers Association unveiled the 2007 Book Sense Bestsellers.

The lists in the categories of Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction, Paperback Fiction and Nonfiction, and Children's Fiction and Illustrated are available in PDF, text, and HTML formats. The 8-1/2" x 11" PDFs can be placed together to create one large Book Sense 2007 Bestsellers poster, appropriate for display in the store or in a front window. The year-end lists can also be effective selling tools when included in the store's print or e-mail newsletters or used as handouts or bag stuffers.

Questions regarding the Book Sense 2007 Bestsellers should be addressed to ABA Chief Marketing Office Meg Smith at [email protected].