Important News About Kobo Device Serialization

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Important Changes to Device Serialization

Starting August 4, Ingram will no longer be responsible for affiliating Kobo devices with member stores. Instead, the American Booksellers Association has developed a simple procedure within the Kobo Reporting Tool that will allow stores to manually affiliate devices.

By following the four easy steps below, stores will create a record of serialized devices within the Reporting Tool:

  1. Log in to the Kobo Reporting Tool, and click the link to Register New Devices. (The link will become live before August 4.)
  2. Select the number and type of devices that the store wishes to affiliate and click Submit Query.
  3. Locate the serial number (directly after “SN:”) for the device. 
  4. Enter the serial number of each device in the appropriate field and click Submit Query.

It is recommended that stores wait 24 hours before selling the registered device to ensure affiliation prior to customer use.

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Reporting Reminder: Summer Reads Promotion

Wednesday, July 23, was the last day of the Kobo Summer Reads Promotion.  The deadline for stores to submit supporting documentation and quantities sold via the Kobo Reporting Tool is August 15.  (Additional details can be found here.)

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