Instructions Rectify Problem With Kobo Display Unit

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Since Kobo eReaders began arriving at ABA member stores at the end of October, booksellers have been promoting sales through store newsletters and in-store displays. However, some stores have encountered a problem with the Kobo display unit security claw.

The problem is with the security clamp on the display itself, and is not with either the Kobo Glo or Kobo Mini devices.

This week, Kobo offered the following statement regarding the display unit security claw: “We are very excited that ABA member stores are beginning to roll out the Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini devices well ahead of the holiday season. In some instances the security clamp on the demo units was affixed too tightly impacting the Touch capabilities of the device. This can be resolved by loosening the security clamp.”

ABA members can find detailed instructions for loosening the clamp on BookWeb’s Kobo Program Resource Page. Questions should be addressed to [email protected].